Destination Oakland: Depot for Awesome

I hit the motherload yesterday. Most people might not consider it a motherload, and perhaps this is a Motherload: Population 1- type situation. But definitely, a motherload was hit. And it was MINE MINE GLORIOUS ALL MINE.

Last week, the fine people of the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse sent out a newsletter.  “Who the hell is that?” you ask. It’s a creative mecca so full of possibility and potential that if you look around enough and are of the creative persuasion, you will have a panic attack. It’s a store of crafter’s supply potpourri (second definition).

So in this email newsletter, they said “We’re having a very special Vintage sale!” and then listed some of the items. Immediately my eyeballs popped at this line:

  • Incredible hand-printed Art Deco/ Art Nouveau wallpaper rolls

As a relentless cheapskate and bargain-hunter, this was NEWS INDEED! Except I didn’t make it to their sale last weekend. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have gone at all except there was another newsletter. And this time, a %-off opportunity included. So I packed up my little day bag and headed to Oakland yesterday. To the Bart-mobile!

As you might’ve seen on twitter, I kind of freaked out. If you faced THIS, you’d flip your business too, guaranteed. And that was about half of the stash. After hyperventilating a bit, time to dig in.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why a generally sane person would freak over some smelly, flaky old wall coverings. Since buying the book Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art from local authors and Curiosity Shoppe owners Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom, I’ve kept my eye open for some fun papers to make stuff with. There are vintage wallpapers on etsy but nothing I’m willing to pay for and have shipped (although come to think of it, I’m sure my BART fare to and fro was probably the same $ as shipping, ah perspective). Here’s the loot!

Ain’t they just the pretties bunch of prints you’ve seen? I can imagine a million things to do with this wallpaper but I want to hear your ideas. The paper is pretty brittle but I know that just the right treatment will help display and preserve them for years to come. Seriously, tell me tell me tell me. There’s a lot of paper here, so if you’re partial to one print and have a good idea, I could potentially hook you up. But you gotta tell me first! Comment, email or twitter will do.

And because you can’t hang out at the Creative Reuse Depot without picking up other gems, observe the magic..

More old calendars for envelopes!

A few psychedelic-printed band folders from a local music shop for framing! (click them for greater detail)

Two A+ patterns, comin’ to gitcha frilly shirt and bag!

Neon Paper because you can never have too much! And leather to try this necklace tutorial from Cucumbersome!

And then this monstrosity which I picked up for sewing tips. But seriously, who at Simplicity thought this cover wasn’t creepy? It’s totally creepy.

Lastly, it wouldn’t have been a complete trip without lugging my loot by Bakesale Betty, a mere 4 blocks away, and noshing on a fried chicken sandwich. The delicious taste of success!

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