Eatwell to Eat Well

Another Wednesday, another cornucopia of fresh fruits and veggies, another piece of evidence that summer is over and fall is here to stay. It’s time to put up or shut-up because we’re about to be overcome by peppers. Death by leafy greens. Drowning in flavors. You get the idea.

Besides this week’s new kid on the block, the Tat Soi, there was one more friendly surprise… MINI PUMPKINS! I’m so excited y’all, I’ve just got to post this photo out of the flickr slideshow. SHARE WITH ME THE JOYS OF AUTUMN!

tat soi, summer squash, flat leaf parsley, mini munchkin pumpkins, Granny Smith apples, grapes, eggplants, cherry tomatoes, Poblano peppers and gypsy peppers

Eatwell blessed us with a bag of lettuce, the cold-weather version of cucumbers, my summer tormentor. I said to that bag of lettuce “HELL NO WE WON’T GO” and promptly swapped that bad boy out with another eggplant. Yeah man, the eggplants and I are capital H Homies. TRUE STORY: I used the remainding curry paste to simmer up some potatoes and eggplant in coconut milk earlier this week. A job well done.

Let’s circle the wagons on necessary consumption, shall we? I’ve now got about a half ton of last week’s gypsy and poblano peppers, a boatload of zucchini (like 6 of them), a wad of parsley, 2 MORE eggplants, a boatload of grapes, a manageable bunch of apples, MORE asian-like greens to accompany last week’s bok choy, TWO huge winter squashes and a gaggle of sweet potatoes. Sounds like someone needs to get a’roasting!

Looking for suggestions to knock out some of these extra bad boys. Bonus points if the recipe includes more than one!

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