I wwwant that!

Oh the joys of internet commerce. What’s in this week’s “Got to have it, absolutely want it, can’t afford it” pile?

While looking at this, can you imagine why I love it so much? Is it the house sketch? Or the lovely green plant leaves? NOPE! It’s the electric pink and green in the trees and the even more colorful banners. Sign me up. My Love for You was kind enough to share the playful work of Lizzy Janssen, who is on etsy, thank heavens. Go check out her other great work. What a talented lass!

What happens when you follow The Hipster Home on Twitter? THIS apparently. I check out your site and then lust after your wares. A cloud headband? How novel! If ever there’s been a simple, clean design that makes you feel good about the world , this is it. The little details (click through) in the girl and airplane make it sweet and really endearing. If you’re interested in more of her amazing jewelry and products, she’s on etsy and OF COURSE on twitter. She’s also got a great blog, featuring other etsy artists and cool shit, alongside more of her own work.

SWEET HEAVENS I LOVE THE IDEA OF GUMMY BRASS KNUCKLES. I think that about sums it up. Eat Me Daily is to blame for the introduction to Romeing Panda‘s utilitarian approach to gummy bears. Thanks guys!

Finally, I just love the look of the Aomikan. Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn tells me it’s “a green tangerine with orange flesh.” I do not care what it tastes like. I do not care what citrus fruits it’s a combination of. I ADORE the orange insides and the rich green outsides. My breakfast table shall always feel empty with the void of Japanese fruits not carried here in the US. Maybe I’ll just order a food photo of it? Mmmmm, delicious.

That’s it for this week kids! Do you have something you’ve been lusting after but can’t afford? Let’s squeal about it together in the comments.

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