I wwwant that!

Right. I get it. I slacked off last week. I’m sorry! Seriously guys, lay off. That was the last time. From here on out, it’s two posts per week MINIMUM. You’ve waited patiently, and you shall be amply rewarded for another round of I wwwant that! This week’s homage to internet consumption is a doozy. I wwwant all of it!

Picture 3

Let’s start things off with something that I believe is the EPITOME of an “I wwwant that!” item. Is it pretty? Is it expensive? Is it useful in a silly way? CHECK THREE TIMES! Dear reader-person, meet the Jonathan Adler Butter Holder. It’s in the shape of a man’s shoe. It is $58.00.Thank you Happy Lady Eats for sharing with me something so absurd and ridiculous that I just can’t help myself.

Picture 4

Do you remember how I feel about geometric jewelery? Let me jog your memory: I LOVE IT. Do you know what I love even more? EMBROIDERY FLOSS! You’ll have to imagine what it looked like when my brain melted out of my ears when I set my eyeballs on Mint blog and saw this fantastic jewelery on etsy. I’ve got yet another favorite etsy seller, Spinthread (or is it Maranon?) You can watch her work in progress on Flickr.

This next one I’m admittedly reserved about loving. It’s ALMOST too art teacher for me. But then I see the bits of crocheted neon orange and hot pink and I’m sold all over again. It’s a good bet that if you are coveting something made in Portugal, it’ll put a dent in your wallet.  The crocheted jewelery from Cooler is one such case. If you’d like to oogle her goods, she’s got a set on Flickr. Thanks to bits + bobbins, my admittedly one-sided, color-crazy internet compatriot.

LAST ONE! I don’t even think this counts necessarily because I CAN’T buy it. I can’t buy just the kitchen from a house. I’ve got this one here at The Hipster Home but we are but mere renters! If we COULD buy a house’s kitchn, and money was no object, I JUST MIGHT try to convince the Mr. that a Lego kitchen is the way to go. How does one get turned on to the Lego kitchen island? Apartment Therapy of course! So drool with me now as you check out more pictures. (TRUE STORY: we already own the Lego kitchen timer so I suppose we already have a Lego kitchen.  Also: WHAT IS THAT THING AROUND THE BUST’S NECK!?!? I love.)

Was all of that to much of an overwhelming tease? Here are some FREE things:

  • Download the deliciously delectable iPhone wallpaper/food art compliments of The Food in My Beard. (This dude is also nominated for my favorite blog header on the internet. How did I come across this site? Googling Pork belly Macaroni and Cheese. He really is that awesome.)
  • Get inspired by the majestic ladies and gentleman of Advanced Style. Whosiewhat is that? Why it’s a blog featuring stylish people who are MUCH older than the typical people on other street style blogs. (Hat tip to Bits + Bobbins for her post. An appropriate find since I’m toying with the idea of going as as Future Me for Halloween.)
  • Recreate the sweetness of The Kitcn‘s Sticky Toffee Cakelets in your own kitchen. (Is cakelet not the cutest baked good name ever? Right up there in my book with snack cake and “I brought you this fresh baked _____.”)
  • Create a thing a day. You’ve probably got the supplies or camera to create without spending ANYTHING! You can do it with this Flickr group called Make Something Cool Every Day. That’s some downright inspiring shit.
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