The Hipster Home Music Collection

Part of maintaining the perfect Hipster Home has much to do with the vibe around the house. What’s playing? Who is jammin’ on the stereo? When not listening to focused work-music (mostly classical), I’ve been lost. The Hipster Home had old vibe!

As a reformed music business professional, it takes a lot for me to admit that I’m out of the new music game nowadays. Questions of “What are you listening to?” get an embarrassed blank stare from me, a quick change of subject or an honest explanation that I just wouldn’t know where to start anymore. My previous ability to download any album I wanted vanished, and henceforth, limited insatiable music curiosity. It’s not for lack of trying, but it takes such incredible EFFORT! TIME! MONEY! PATIENCE! Lately I’ve got a much better answer as to what I’m listening to. I have someone doing the work for me.

Who? Internet buddy and recent San Francisco transplant Ty White started a radtastical music blog called Sum the Greater. For the past couple months, his weekly music mixes have been my only source of music exploration. And they work fantastically. These mixes have introduced me to current favorites, like tUnE-yArDs, La Roux and made me feel like a bad ass when he uses bands I already hold in high opinion; bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and White Rabbits. Homeboy has tapped other friends to make mixes but mostly he has his own special style that has songs streaming effortlessly between one another. Besides the mix, he writes up a nice summary track listing that features relevant stories or news about the band. Therein lies my only complaint: if I really like a song, it can be hard to figure out what exactly I’m listening to.

Other than that? He’s a total music discovery bad-ass. You totally want to check it out now, RIGHT NOW, don’t cha? Start with Mix #4. My favzies.


(Side note: everyone is flipping their shit right now for the brand new Spike Jonze mixtape, released today. Go download it! Pretty good from what I’ve heard so far. Capybara and Mulatu Astatke are stand-out tracks. Speaking of Capybara, it’s not just my favorite animal, they’re an awesome band whom I adore. Check out their check-in with THH buddy Matt Rubin over on Rubin Recommends.

Double side-note: HOLY SHIT! I didn’t realize Matt is part of the Where the Wild Things Are‘s artist-blog, We Love You So. Fantastatron 5000! Well that explains a lot.)

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