Weekend Slice

It was an unusually travel-heavy Weekend. Read: The Hipster Home was mostly empty except for sleepytime!

Saturday started with a tour of San Francisco neighborhoods for the newly located, a surprise stop by a rooftop party celebrating Fleet Week and wrapped up with a Suppenkuche gut bomb featuring the $20 gigantic pretzel.

Peow! Pretzle Bonanza Antlers

I love Suppenkuche’s ever-changing ceiling. There’s not much information out there (except the bartenders I’m sure) about why they change it every so often. Perhaps with the season and for special celebrations like Oktoberfest? Yes, those are garden gnomes hanging by their heels.

Berkeley’s Thai Temple brunch was dialed up Sunday (no pictures), followed by another trip later in the day to Alameda and the exotic Forbidden Island Tiki Bar. If you like tiki bars, this one was AUTHENTIC. How does one tiki-uneducated lass figure that out? The massive menu of fruity drinks, the flaming bowls of booze and the band that played us out when they started, wearing aqua marine 100% sequenced collared shirts.

Forbidden Island is Vain Scorpion Bowl Mike the Poodle

Where’s Mike? (Hint: people watching)

To finish the whole thing off? Drinks and karaoke with good friends at Argus, featuring a Last Supper theme corner, complete with kaleidoscopic Jesus digital calendar.

Whirly Jesus

How was your weekend?

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