I wwwant that!

The internet is of great value to society. You can self-diagnose illnesses, learn how to cook a flawless souffle, and ignore rent in order to buy every shiny object you come across online. This is my attempt to stifle that last impulse. Please join me today as I highlight the best and brightest items I’ve seen recently (whose value exceed my budget).

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Some people say Fall is a good time for pie baking, leaf raking and the drinking of hot cider. I say Fall is an excellent time to think about my winter coat. Kate Miss, from for me, for you, shared her favorite coats from Soia & Kyo. My eyes fell in love only for my wallet to break my heart, even though you can buy them on discount site Bluefly. My giraffe neck means I could totally pull off this warm wonder.

(photo from the Tina Kalivas website)

Related, it seems appropriate to jump to this Refinery29 discovery. Following another link from for you, for me, I encountered this website (you know how it goes for the click-curious) and this great discovery: Tina Kaliva! Her designs are colorful, geometric and eclectic. You’ll really want to go see all of her recent designs. I don’t even think these bad boys are for sale (yet) but they are certainly worth the 5 minutes of eye candy.

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One of the beautiful things about I wwwant that! items is that you don’t have to rationally think about how you’d incorporate said item into your everyday life. Since you won’t get around to owning whatever it is you want, you can’t help but form some sort of attachment to the idea of it. That about sums up how these playful wood blocks struck me. I want it! Oh, but what on earth would I do with them? Thanks Madam Herve for the moment of whimsy. Don’t you think they feel very Alexander Girard? As makers of simple and pleasurable kid toys, the Miller Goodman has more blocky fun on their site.

Picture 11

Do you love notecards? Do you enjoy adding that extra special touch to any occasion with a little bit of handwriting and wood pulp? Me too. Which is exactly why I LOVE the idea behind this subscription service, The Card Society. Following more link trails (this time from Oh Joy!), I was alerted to the work of Maria Vettese. She recently launched a photo styling portfolio site but has been releasing two cards per month through The Card Society. Lovely work!

Can’t buy me love (cue intangible items and pieces of inspiration):

-Remember that fantastic headband I wwwanted a few weeks ago? It made an appearance in the ever-experimental closet of Mai during her Mighty Closet feature. You may know Mai from Fashioni.st, a street style blog features Bay Area inhabitants. (I particularly love that she ALWAYS has an up-close shoe shot.) Go look at the rest of the shoot and be dazzled! Her wardrobe puts me a color coma. Also worth noting, Mighty Closet is a feature from Maggie of Mighty Girl, another super-fantastic Bay Area blogger.

-I’m kind of afraid to put this into the universe but Lord Help Me I love some Gwyneth GOOP. Last week’s newsletter was all about SEE. It features blaaaghs Mz. Paltrow looks to for inspiration. (She needs inspiration?!? WHAAA????) Gwenny lists old favorites like The Selby, Gilt Groupe and the new ex-Domino Lonny Magazine but she adds one I hadn’t heard of before. Hey, Remodelista is awesome! So if you live under four walls and a roof, you’ll probably like this home decoration site.

-I really appreciate the grit and cheerful approach of this home owner towards their less than ideal balcony location. So does all*over*print who spotted it in Tel-aviv and shared pictures with us. Head over to her site and see what I’m talking about. (There are also more pictures on Flickr.)

-A couple JUST BEAUTIFUL things from this week: Commune Design! Poppytalk posted some pictures of their interior design work and HOLY MOLY, where does one get a that rug?!? I’m ready to plunk down $40,000 for them to do a complete Hipster Home redesign (in my dreams). Another awesome bit, sfgirlbybay asked Homebug to do a virtual house tour for the internet. I’m ready to move in to that splendid home. LOOK AT THE PRETTY COLORS! If you’re interested in home design, fashion and have a pulse, I’d recommend checking out Homebug besides.

-Tasteless and potentially offensive items last: DICKTOWEL.COM Watch the commercial. This is for all my It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia homies. Definitely don’t click through unless you have a slightly warped sense of humor and you find male anatomy jokes delightful. I figure the towel is probably terrible quality, so I’d like to make a miniature version of this as an embroidery sampler. For posterity.

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