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(photo by swankdollar)

What started as a ode to machine knitting turned into full blown blog admiration for this former Target designer and superwoman behind Swank Dollar, Annie Larson. She mixes bold colors and geometric prints that when combined, give you a Fight Club style punch to the eyeball. And you thought machine knits couldn’t be sexy! I am totally ready to drop an imaginary $1,000 on a purl monster. As always, Craft Magazine was on top of Annie’s awesome work. For more of Annie’s inspiring work, check out her Flickr stream.

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Sweartogod I DON’T EVEN LIKE PRINTS. But lately, it’s a weak spot, especially the vaguely tribal and westernized ikat prints popping up all over the place.  Rachel Comey did up some hiking gear and it’s deeelightful. I’ve got For You, for Me and Refinery29 to blame again for this awesome tidbit of internet covetousness. You’ll eventually be able to snag these totes and accessories on tenover6.com.

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Now to get nerdy, because not everything I wwwant online has to do with wearable (although technically this does). Let’s trod thisaway, to the technology isle. Here we’ll find a SHIRT I got free from Threadless that is now an ELECTRIC new iPhone case entitled Clouds within the Thunder. (LOOK HOW OLD THAT PHOTOBOOTH PICTURE IS.) Design Crush, you are so fired for posting such a great collaboration between Threadless and Griffin Technology.

Picture 7
(Photo by Sarah London)

If you follow The Hipster Home on twitter, you’d have seen that I’m slowly working on the Sarah London mystery crochet project (now revealed to be an advent calendar). Besides sounding like a soft, sweet soul, Sarah’s work is fantastic. The tutorials are really top notch and easy to follow. But I am not here to wax poetic about that. She recently re-highlight an older project because of a reader creation. The inspired scarf is nice but OH MY THAT BLANKET!!!! If you light bright colors and crochet, her flickr stream is your hook hand’s day dream. (I’m tempted to make this one my iPhone wallpaper!)

These next two I wwwant that mentions are the actual devil. By that I mean they’re the reason that this post even exists. Two internet commerce sites designed to make you squeal, faint and then open your wallet. Say YES! to hoboken shares with us a way to bypass all the regrEtsy by using Supermarket, a store for designer created products. You barely have to browse without wanting one thing or another. Is it weird I’m so drawn to this cicada ring??

Next site is Gretel Home. The best way to describe their wares is if instead of getting lost in the woods, Gretel went to school for design and absorbed a simple and modern Scandinavian aesthetic and curated a store using those skills. OF COURSE the items are mostly expensive but OF COURSE they feature craftsmanship and design that warrant the prices. Oh if I were a rich man….

That’s it for this week guys! If you see something you wwwant too, share it below or hit me up on the twitxors.

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