A Better Late Than Never CSA Delivery

Holy mackerel, it’s been a MONTH since syncing up with a CSA box delivery.

First we switched to an every-other week schedule. Then when our week came, a typo had our deliveries starting in 2010. THEN there was a mix-up with the delivery host which resulted in the entire location not getting their veggies the day before Thanksgiving. Finally, in the full swing of winter produce, we received our box last Thursday. Featured veggies? Greens, greens and more greens. Groan.

carrots, lettuce, winter squash, bell peppers, kale mix, mandarins, spinach, apples, arugula, watermelon radishes, tat soi

I’ve got a serious (if unfounded) prejudice agaist anything too green and leafy. Already the tat soi has been party used in a curry and lettuce brought to a friend’s dinner which just leaves me spinach, kale mix and arugula to stare down. None of these ingredients, when experienced on their own, would bring this feeling of leafy dread but it’s the combination of having a very real expiration date for each of these in such close succession of each other. It’s a good thing that Eatwell’s arugula is nutty, spicy and a delight; their spinach a much heartier and flavorful cousin of limp grocery store fare; the kale an anticipated treat at the Hipster Home.

If you’ve got any recipe suggestions people, SEND EM! I’m a bit of a loss except a salad every night for a week!

(BINGO! Just remembered a bread recipe I’ve been meaning to make for awhile: Garlic, Parmesan and Chard Bread. Yahoo! Spinach or kale down. I still wanna hear what you’ve got in mind!)

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