Anthony’s Cookies vs. Tom’s Mom’s Cookies

You know how I feel about cupcakes vs whole cakes but I don’t believe you good people know my cookie stance. I will ADORE THEM FOR ETERNITY. Sure, I love baking them but my favorite path to cookie consumption is the lazy way, especially when a delicious cookie peddler lives right here in the Mission.  Anthony’s Cookies is practically in my back yard!

After coming across an Anthony’s Cookies job posting on Craigslist and sharing it on twitter, I unwittingly sparked a cookie war. Most people in San Francisco will attest to Anthony’s Cookies being the A+ best. Even non-friends agree, since homeboy still has a  4.5 star rating on Yelp. Soon uncovered was a dissenter in our midst who mentioned the true best cookie maker in the universe, Tom’s Mom’s Cookies.

Picture 24

There was only one thing to be done to dispute: COOKIE OFF!!!!

Laura was awesome enough to provide proof of Tom’s Mom’s superiority and placed and order to be shipped from Michigan* and a local representative (ok, me)  picked up from Anthony’s Cookies down the street. Battle Royale.

PB, Choco Chip, Snickerdoo, Cooks and Cream

On the top we’ve got Tom’s Mom’s entries (l-r): peanut butter, chocolate chip and the wild card: a snickerdoodle. The cookies below that are for Anthony’s Cookies and are (l-r) peanut butter, chocolate chip and their wild card: cookies and cream.

Divied Up

Time to divvy them up for sampling! We were not foolish enough to believe we could stomach whole cookies during this massacre.

How it went down:

  • Chocolate Chip vs. Chocolate Chip- Mmmm, both delicious. If you like chewy, you’ll prefer Anthony’s but if you like crumbly, whamo – Tom’s Mom’s is for you.
  • Peanut Butter vs Peanut Butter- eh, I’m not a big fan but this one apparently it’s quite hard to make a peanut butter cookie that doesn’t fall apart at the slightest handling. Both cookie makers managed to create a delicious cookie that holds together although Anthony’s is a dome! Also, Tom’s Mom’s cookies doesn’t use any nut chunks in their batter which made them taste like those peanut butter sandwich Girl Scout cookies (to me).
  • Snickerdoodle vs. Cookies and Cream- um oh my goodness. Both are HEAVEN. I called the Snickerdoodle an adult cookies (which earned snickers) since it’s spices are so delicate and it’s a buttery delight. But man oh man, cookies and cream! Complete and utter deliciousness  tie between these two.

Being a battle, you’re supposed to have a winner, right? Well, maybe not. After carefully sampling, we came to one conclusion. Anthony’s Cookies and Tom’s Mom’s Cookies are so DIFFERENT! An illustration:

Choco Chip vs Choco chip

Just look at these two fine specimen of chocolate chip. They even look different, right? Tom’s Mom’s (on the left) is HUGE! And perfectly tubby all around. It’s a consistent baked dough all the way through. But just look at Anthony’s (on the right). The edges are browned. It’s also a flatter cookie, with more tells of where the chocolate chips are.

Taste and texture was completely different too which brings me to the final point in this cookie war.  If you like a chewy and kinda crunchy cookie, Anthony’s is for you. If you like a cookie with a crumbly more shortbread type texture, you’ll LOVE Tom’s Mom’s. I suspect that the difference lays in one being heavily butter-based while the other perhaps uses shortening.

Want to host your own cookie taste-test? If you live in San Francisco, lucky for you! Tom’s Mom’s Cookies ships and you can waltz down to Anthony’s Cookies in your free time. If you live anywhere else, some good news, some bad. You can also order Tom’s Mom’s Cookies but the pleasure of an Athony’s Cookies will cost you one plane ticket to the Bay Area.

******A HUGE thanks to Laura for the procurement of Tom’s Mom’s Cookies and for hosting the battle.*****

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