I wwwant that!

With the proliferation of gift guides and holiday wish lists, I wwwant that! #10 took some restraint in pulling together. All these calls to action for internet commerce make cracking open the wallet not only acceptable but encouraged! But don’t doubt me, this wee bank account remains sealed against the supremely priced and produced wares. If you do have the means, support those artisans and independent shop owners!

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I am 100% a fan of all these uberchunk knits popping up all over the place lately. Why am I so drawn to them? Could it be the cold house, the snuggly warm appearance, the texture, the proportions?? Whatever to reason, I love what the folks at Ladies and Gentlemen did with some cotton rope. Coincidentally, I have some of that exact same stuff I am using to make some of those knot trivets over on design*sponge.

One of my FAVORITE stores in the Mission is The Curiosity Shoppe. Not only is their space a complete pleasure to peruse but Derek and Lauren have absolutely exceptional style they share on their  blog, Smarts & Crafts. Derek recently shared his favorite objects from the store and damnit, I wwwant that clock! If you can’t tell, the left eyeball points to the hour and the right points roughly to the minute. Just think of the joy this mechanical menace would bring to any room. For you lucky bay area bitches, visit The Curiosity Shoppe at 19th and Valencia.

Two things from Modish’s recent Favoite Things gift guide made me squeal out loud. Leggings and a ring. It’s pretty amusing I’m so drawn to these leggings because a) you have to be a crazy person to wear heals around SF and b) I would probably look like a fuzzed-out, tubbo cookie monster in them. But there is no denying that I would love to see these guys in my sock drawer. The second thing is a fricken fantastic rough cut emerald by Erica Weiner. It’s not just that it’s green (which doesn’t hurt) but it’s the earthy feel that makes me desirous of such a treasure. If you’d like to torture yourself with more awesome stuff, I dare you to browse the rest of Bona Drag‘s online shop. Double dog dare!

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If there’s something you were bound to learn about me, it’s that I love ________. Fill-in-the-blanks are the best! We’ve got this Seattle Show Poster hanging in the living room and I certainly think that a t-shirt would make an excellent addition to my _____ collection. And oh my, that pink. What is this, a Miranda July project?

Another thing you’ll learn about my taste is that I am not generally a fan of quilts (barf). Hot damn if I didn’t find an exception to the rule on My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses! Guest poster Alison Feldmann shared her holiday wish-list which included this galaxy blanket (by etsy seller Stellar Quilts) that I would absolutely use. Remember, I’m a space nerd?

Oops, looks like we’re making SUPER CHUNKY sandwich on this post! Well here you have it, folks. Proof that my love of chunky monkey knitware is because of a COLD SNAP in San Francisco! Phydeaux makes these great neckwarmers/portable cowls that are lovely. If you’re a knitter, you can DIY with a much cheaper pattern! Tip-off for this was by Indie Fixx and their 12 days of awesome, I mean, Christmas. (While you’re over there, check out the Indie Fixx Gifts for Hipsters. Not a bad selection but srsly ixnay on those f&#king trucker hats!)

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Your moment of inspiration: the graphic art of James Joyce. Scroll and enjoy his bold lines, bight colors and sheer simplicity. Swoon! (Also compliments of My Love for You. Thanks kids!)

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