I wwwant that!

This week’s internet spoils are few but worthy. Let’s get right to it!

Picture 3

I’ve been a fan of Christopher Bettig‘s work since laying eyes on a kelly green lyric-inspired screenprint he made awhile back. At some point, I signed up to receive his email updates. He hinted at a limited edition watch and boy, upon the big reveal, it wasn’t at all disappointing. This great winter-themed watch is colorful and fun, blocky and I LOVE the fact it’s white! I would wear this thing in a heartbeat even though I haven’t worn a watch in years. Homeboy also has an etsy shop that features more of his great art. Check it!

Craftster is home to many crafty (duh) people (double duh) from allĀ  backgrounds. The forum contests inspire meaningful creation and it seems like a very supportive and experimental community. It’s no surprise that this super-awesome top stitch dress that caught my eye was posted on Craftster. Dude, perfection! It’s amazing that something so simple (and yet, a challenge to actually make) can have such a striking effect. Thanks to Craft Magazine for the clue.

And now for a few THH friend suggestions…

The ever fashionable Ali suggested I check out the work of one What Party over on Etsy. Although there are only two (SAD FACE) embroideries available for sale now, keep your eyes on future offerings!

Mr. Helvetica himself, Randy tipped me off that the fantastic Vader photo by Alex Brown is $99 as a holiday special. What a deal! Le sigh, if only.

A note for any San Francisco people: the Bazaar Bizarre craft fair is this weekend! I’ll be helping Willotoons in the afternoon, so stop by the booth, perhaps buy something and say hi!

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