The Final Ornament Swap Wrap-up

With the last two ornaments on the tree, it is time to close this year’s Christmas season with one last ornament swap post. Of the 10 people on my swap list, I received all but two Christmas decorations.

This hand-stitched nest doubles as a gift tag. Thanks TV! A little bit of investigation revealed her flickr stream where you can see how she made this absolutely fantastic decoration.

And last but not least came this colorful little package holding an adorable hoot owl who is now nestled in the tree. Thanks Kleas!

That wraps it up for this year’s Freshly Blended ornament swap. It’s so strange (and yet really awesome) to have a tree full of ornaments from people I’ll never met. It’s a nice reminder that there is a lot of talent out there and plenty of creativity to go around.

Tune in for next year’s “Will I remember to sign up in time?” Will you?!?

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