A THH Show and Tell

Welcome to The Hipster Home 2010! I sincerely hope you had plenty of time with family and friends, good food and drinks during my favorite festive time of year. I thought we’d remember kindergarten today with a little holiday show and tell….

The whole Christmas and New Year celebration somehow started with a perfectly clean kitchen, serene and ready. There is a bolognese sauce simmering away on the stove but you wouldn’t know it, would you?




The Mr. and I hosted a Christmas Eve’s Eve dinner that featured that ole bolognese sauce. We used it to make stuffed shells from a New Classic Family Dinners recipe. We polished off two baking dishes of shells and about 12 bottles of wine. We also made the tricolor salad with arugula and endives. Divine!

Merry Christmas! Since my sister is getting married mid-January, we by-passed my traditional family celebration out in a cabin somewhere. I spent Christmas with the Mr.’s family. They celebrated in style with a gigantic heap o’ presents.

What does one do with a gallon of leftover bolognese sauce? Make pasta! Note to self: homemade pappardelle is too fat for bolognese.

Sea Bowl

And we bowled.


And played Monopoly, ate chili, and hung out with an adorable pup and his awesome owner(s).

I sincerely hoped to get out of town at least one day over the break and boy, did we ever. ROAD TRIP! With Bodega Bay in our sights, we headed out.

While driving up Sir Francis Drake Blvd, we saw a pull-off for hiking. Upon investigation, it was the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed where rare types of fish nest. We took a stroll and although we didn’t spot any salmon in the river, the walk was lovely.

After driving up the coast some more, we had lunch at Reyes Cafe (tasty pizza and oysters). We took on our first geocaching assignment! If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s one part treasure hunt, one part explorer. Since the advent of GPS devices, some creative souls have taken to hiding little containers at precise coordinates. It is then your job to find them, sign a log and feel like a badass. There is an intro iPhone app we downloaded which shows you the nearest sites. We found our first geocache in downtown Point Reyes. It was a regular looking broken-off sprinkler head and I was VERY hesitant to touch it. But we found success! Read more about it on the geocaching website.

One of the reasons I LOVE northern California is that we went straight from redwood territory to the beach. And it was lovely. Someone built a sand city on Doran Park.

After the beach, we drove out to the head  of Bodega Bay, which is that land mass on the right of the beach photo. Straight from the sunny beach, we were swallowed whole by fog. We searched for another geocache out here and found it. You can’t tell but the whole Bodega Bay head is made from sheer cliffs. I normally have no issues with running around a peninsula surrounded by 100+ foot drops but since the fog was so heavy and it was fast approaching dusk, it felt like we were the ONLY PEOPLE OUT THERE! Spookytown.

Martha's Old Mexico

After our exploring, we needed dinner. Our quest landed us at Martha’s Old Mexico in Sebastapol. To food was deicious and the decor, even more incredible. On the porch, the entire back yard was filled with lights, gnomes, garden ornaments and (it being Mexican and all) Virgin Marys.  We finished off our day out with a showing of Sherlock Holmes (loved it) and headed home.


The final Sunday was nothing to speak off except fantastically adult errands like laundry and a Costco run. The shining star of the day was an early show in Oakland at Mama Buzz Cafe to see a last minute perfrmance by tUnE-yArDs. If you aren’t familiar with her music, IT IS AWESOME. Our friend Ty, from Sun the Greater (which you may remember) told us about it and we would have been foolish not to go.

Over the course of the holiday, I was piecing together parts of my envisioned Christmas present for the Mr. I finished it up yesterday and was SO pleased with the final product. Behold! A bike chainring clock.

How was your holiday? What’d you cook? Where’d you go? How has your new year g0ne so far?

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