I wwwant that!

What a life. Another week, another batch of internet temptations revealed as available for purchase. When you la la love it but just can throw down the cash, I wwwant that! This weekly feature is my small corner of the world to wax poetic on amazing products found on the web and in some people’s homes, but not mine.

(photo by Drew)

Although I frequent Laughing Squid at least once a day, Scott’s blog is the last place I ever expected to find something for THH. Laughing Squid always has interesting pop culture, technology and news.  Bakeware? Apparently LS even rocks that. Enter: Helvetica cookie cutters, which I really wwwant. Beverly Hsu made many a designer/baker’s dream a reality. These guys aren’t actually available for purchase yet; the ultimate achievement in an I wwwant that! item.

Is there something in your bag that you use every day and have owned for years? Have you tried to replace it but failed? Such is the story of my Kenneth Cole wallet. Originally a high school Christmas present , I’ve attempted to dethrone it only to come crawling back again. It’s in great shape, and still completely functional but there are always other shiny new wallets to tempt me. Even though old leatha’ prevails, look at this beast! This L.A.M.B. perfection came to my attention in the form of an Okay Great blog post.  (While we’re at it, can we have a heart to heart about Okay Great‘s amazing lamp post? I absolutely wwwant all of them!)

Blame the many Martha Stewart books on my desk. Blame Remodelista. Blame el nino. Blame an unswerving devotion to brunch. I want this part shabby chic, part modernist pitcher for fresh squeezed OJ, bloody mary mix, or a bouquet of flowers. Oh Emile Henry, please tell me you wouldn’t actually charge me $50 for the pleasuring of serving with such a lovely item?

Part of the Christmas tradition that was woefully missing from this year’s postponed celebration (due to wedding) was my typical week-long devotion to puzzle completion. Yes, I did receive a puzzle as a gift. No, I wouldn’t have had time to work on it. Seeing the test pattern puzzle on Swiss Miss made me a) sad I had no puzzle time and b) energized that such a colorful challenge waits for me for next Christmas. Begone, Thomas Kinkade!  Things of Colour might market puzzles as boring but I heartily believe this would be my perfect family-time distraction.

Happy Lady Eats loves pomelos but these THH eyes were locked on the rather retro Fishs Eddy Guest Check tray. What’s not to love about giving a longer life to a diner waitress’ workhorse?

There is one moment in time where all of San Francisco bands together in anticipation of the Next Big Announcement. Apple’s Tuesday media events grab our attention, won’t let go and gives us one day to have something in common.  As sfgirlbybay pointed out, we were all rather aghast at the name choice for this newest product so she decided to celebrate her favorite Apple product, the iPhone. I’m so glad she did because I wouldn’t know about the fantastic mobile phone case maker she highlighted, Uncommon. All the skins are created by artists and customizable so you can take one piece of art and showcase your favorite parts. Above is an example from knitter extraordinaire, Magda Sayeg.  I absolutely adore living in a world where you can make your technology look like an afghan from your childhood rec room.

Honorable Mention: Apartment Therapy spotted the perfect kid’s table. It’s a xylophone! But not an old, boring, colorless adult instrument, it’s the fun child-version. Problem: I don’t have a kid. And wouldn’t the slats be a problem? (BONUS: The people who make the xylophone table are called Jellio. Go check out their website. Your inner child thanks you.)

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