Look at the Pretty Buttons!

It’s gonna be a big weekend. I’ve got nothing is set in stone except having lots of free time. Guess what that means? Real THH posts about making things! It’s been spartan around here lately, I’ll admit. Coming to you soon will be a handful of posts that are beyond overdue: cooking for a bridal shower, an author event, pizza balls, candy making, fart chips, an Austin visit and BEYOND.

I also wanted to point out a few ch-ch-ch-changes around here! Last night, while watching Olympic men’s free skate, the Mr. hacked WordPress for me. It was the 21st century equivalent of being fanned and fed grapes. (GLORIOUS.) ¬†Take note…

Look! The Twitter Mess (right sidebar) is no longer a disaster! It’s formatted and pretty and if you don’t follow THH on twitter, you are missing out! But now if you’re too lazy to click over, you can read my thoughts three at a time!

Next, please apply your attention to the BOTTOM of EVERY POST. THH has recommendations! Not only do you see the post title but a pretty, pretty picture preview. There are still some bugs to fix but it works.

He also made a few other cosmetic changes that’ll make your viewing experience like buttah.¬†Welcome to The Hipster Home: now with more formatting for your pleasure.

So did the Mr. and I miss anything? Do you have some feature requests. Go ahead! I’m all ears.

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