On Mid Week Dinners and Thin Cut Onions

Whenever you step into a kitchen, you have the ability to prove to the world what magic can take place within it. I had once such experience on an unassuming Thursday night.

I was struck with how perfect and, I dare say, elegant an onion can be. Look at these thin cut, mandolin onion slices. They look like food lace and glowed in the pan. Concentric circles and a sting of the eyes to let you know they’re still onions, I’ll admit to admiring these guys for more than a second. (How delicate!)

If you cook down those perfectly cut onions and add tomatoes, spices, CSA carrots and turnips, it’s a delicious and relatively simple mid-week meal, compliments of a recipe by Tigers & Strawberries for Shalgam Masala.

Couple that with some Spicy Oven-Roasted Chickpeas (via Apartment Therapy) and you’ve got yourself a little Thursday slice o’ heaven.

Have a great weekend, y’all. See you next week.

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