Vintage cookbooks for vintage flavors

One great thing about my husband is that he knows I love cookbooks. He got me one as a gift for my birthday this year. Hooray! What a sweet man. Except that this isn’t an ordinary cookbook. The book is from 1968 and had an original selling price of 75 cents. CENTS, people. The cookbook is special because it centers around one specific ingredient. And let’s just say it is, in present day terms, unconventional as an added element of any recipe.

Curious? Here’s what the cover says under the title: Kids love them — Adults adore them — and they’re SO easy on the Budget! Here are over 250 new and exciting ways to fix this old-time favorite.

Oh boy.

With time on my hands, I decided to surprise him with one recipe prepared from this mystery cookbook book last night. The recipe was selected based on what we had around the house. It is a doozy. Let’s call this dish the Anniversary Surprise.

To start, here are the ingredients: corn, flour, salt, oil, eggs and the mystery ingredient.

The recipe called for a separating of the eggs…

Beat the yolks. Beat the egg whites.

Twin Peaks break!

After that, you mix the corn, yolks, mystery ingredient, salt and flour together. The recipe also calls for cooking sherry if you have it, but we did not. Next time!

Last step before cooking! Fold in the egg whites. No pictures here because that would be a total giveaway.

Fry it up! Flip it. Repeat until the batter is gone.


And then you’re done!

So yes, by now perhaps it is obvious that these are corn fritters. But what kind?

HOT DOG CORN FRITTERS! from The New Hotdog Cookbook. YES, INDEEDY.

<cue sounds of disgust or comments like “hmm, that doesn’t sound half bad”>

Here’s the moment of truth: but how did they taste? It was a mixed verdict.


I thought, “Huh, these are strange and kinda odd. Better try one more to really figure it out”

He said, “These are good!”

So there you have it. 1968’s Hot Dog Corn Fritters created under 2012’s terms. I think we’ll be seeing more from The New Hotdog Cookbook around here.

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