Collages from a Friday Night Collage Party

Several firsts transpired at last week’s Collage Workshop. It resulted in a loosy-goosey, experimental good-time!

  1. It was on a Friday night
  2. for two (!) hours
  3. with a right brain-warming mini-collage project
  4. and beer.

The evening’s inspiration was The Body. Everyone got their own fortune (formerly known as a prompt) to help guide their creation. Music played, ideas flowed, and these fantastico pieces emerged. Thanks to the excellent people who attended, to Celeste Noche for snapping pics of the process and Christina from MSS for being our location host!

Side note: promise for the next workshop that I will figure out that silly glare!

Oh. My. God, Ali. Look at Rose’s butt.

collage ali

A kiss on the Lips from Marybeth…

collage marybeth collage 3

Ashley won’t shoot her eye out!

collage 4

The braid whip by Amy

Collage amy

Christina walks on the wylde side.

collage christina

Kathryn’s Legs for miles turns into something completely different… fins.

collage kathryn

My reaction to the future “Get a bikini bod in 4 week!” Oy.

collage teach

Save the Date

June 11th is the next Collage Workshop! It’ll be two glorious hours on a TWOesday night. Bring a pal and come have fun! Save your spot with $25. Don’t forget—sign up for the mailing list and I’ll shoot you a note closer to the big day.

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