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Self Employed Blog post

Yesterday was my last day at an office job.

I desired change, but was ultimately nudged toward this bright new future at a quick enough pace that I didn’t question the timing.

Last week I sat in a meeting and pondered how soon I’d be in another traditional department meeting. It’ll be awhile and perhaps never again. I’d like that.

The story of how I ended up without an employer is long and wholly without drama. It’s downright boring compared to the forces within me that have been and will be.

No more office jobs.

New boss is me.

The money will come from my brain and hands.

My Rational Brain and Creative Brain battled some years ago (the beginning of this blog, actually), but I wasn’t ready. I now know myself better, my desires, capabilities, and have an excellent Life Editor to help me pull the dross from gold.

This is the new (and old) home for my Explore Brain. I suspect you identify with some of the feelings I’ve expressed here. I’d love to have your company while experimenting, learning, and stretching. So I hope you’ll pop by and talk about things. Maybe even get your hands dirty along side me.

There will be words, some photography, lots of things I’m making, art, and adventure. (Por ejemplo, I made the calligraphy above as a way for me to remember things that I’ve learned.)

Let’s do this.

P.S. I don’t consider myself out of a job. I’m self-employed now! Am I freaked out? You betchcha. But I’m also more excited, driven, open, and determined than scared.

P.S.S. Yep, I’m basically a full-time Collage Workshop organizer now! Which is to say that Friday’s Collage Party will be swell. Come hang out!

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