Donut For Hire

Lighted Donut display

Part of Doing Something Different is Trying Something New and so here we are.

I get quite a response when I Instagram my donut watercolors. I’ve been called “the Rembrandt of fried dough.” And I even made one two for friends already… for money. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. They told me what to make and I DID IT.

Here’s your opportunity. Would you like a donut? My skills are available to you with my new offering: Commission-A-Donut. You tell me what kind of donut watercolor you want and pay me $50. I do it on an 8×8 inch piece of watercolor paper and then mail it off to you.

The Upside

  • People will see you like donuts when they visit your house or office. And maybe they will bring you donuts more.
  • It’s a good reminder that you haven’t had a donut in a few days.
  • You’re supporting someone just starting out on her great Creative Career.
  • You can enjoy an evergreen, zero-calorie donut.
  • Donuts are proven to put you and everyone else in a better mood.
  • I get to practice painting more.

The Downside

  • You will want donuts all the time. Maybe you already do, so maybe this isn’t a big deal.
  • It is not an actual donut for you to eat. …

If this sounds like a good deal, and you really want one for you or your BFF. Please, Commission-A-Donut on my Etsy page.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for seeing and supporting my Great CreativeAdventure. It really means the world to me.

Update: Wow—thanks for the supportive response, team! In the words of that wrinkly green old dude, “Delight… you will be.”

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