Making Up the Right Schedule and My Practice Hack

Maybe this is a familiar problem to you, or one that seems far away, but now that my schedule is entirely self-formed, I ache for the right balance of schedule—output, refresh, and to-do management.

How do I go about finding a good schedule? Monday was great, but Tuesday was a struggle, and Today? I’m getting there.

With the help of visualization, my morning routine sketched out, and a basic What I Do Every Day focus, there’s another pesky thing I haven’t been doing well…

practice frame

One important thing to me: practice. Tiffany helped me uncover it as one of my Vaaaalues (Why can’t I say that with a straight face? Visit me, maturity!) I need and want practice. Practice exercises my creativity in some way. I find it pleasurable, beautiful, and it increases my knowledge, hopefully leading to the path of success. (All important-to-me vaaaalues.)

While reading InGenius, the idea of gamification came up, which immediately triggered my need for practice and how I’m not doing it enough. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I practiced a certain amount of time that there was a reward?” I haven’t allowed myself many new things to wear. Shopping. Yes, that’ll do as a reward.

close up practice sheer

This morning I typed up this page on a whim—with columns for acrylic, watercolor, calligraphy, colage, writing and play. Framed it, and collaged a border. Look, I’m better at practice already! I do something listed for a half hour, and mark the tally. When I get to the bottom, time for a prize! I think this will also help me identify the areas that I focus and hopefully keep things either rounded out or jettisoned from my habits.

How do you motivate yourself to practice? How often do you aim for? Is there a prize waiting at the end? I would love to hear what’s worked for you and your creative brain.

practice sheet full
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