National Donut Day is for Lovers.

When my thoughtful buddy Fiona emailed, “Hey, did you know tomorrow is National Donut Day?” my brain immediately went a little haywire. Big day. Very, very exciting. Why? Because I get to have a little fun! Ok, a lot of fun.

An idea popped into my head. So I started in on it. That idea was a self-portrait with donut halo. Success! But oh, no. That wasn’t enough. More, more, more!

Donut halo

That humble, simple self-portait turned into this next one. I’m calling her St. Donut.

Saint Donut realization

And then, in turn. This series.

Saint Sneezy Donut

Happy National Donut Day, ya’ll. Go, get a little fried god and stuff it in your mouth. I’m out here cheers-ing you with my own dozen.

Shameless plug: this donut day is big for me because I watercolor donuts. This is part of an effort to start supporting myself using creative abilities. I was really dang unhappy in office jobs and decided it was time to do something different. So, here we are. Donuts are not only delicious but really important to me. I’ve sold 6 commissions with one on the way. Huge.

Do you like, really, really love donuts? Or know someone who does? I added a bunch of early, original watercolor donuts to my newly named Etsy store: April’s Magical Donut Galleria. Take a look and bring one home.

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