Drawing In the Woods: Lair of the Bear and Cleo’s Bath

ground flowers - 750

We spent Saturday packing for a trip to to Lair of the Bear, a UC Berlekey Alumni camp ground near Pinecrest. Families reserve their tent cabin for a week and return each summer—each week isn’t just time to let the kids run around lightly supervised, it’s also when families rejoin and spend time togehter, with each other’s and also other people’s. It’s a special place.

We joined Cameron’s family for a half-week.

I packed some art supplies so that I could create while we were away. During the plentiful down time, I wrote and drew an hour every day. This is between swimming, hiking, meals in the mess hall, and cards. (Four days straight in the water—pretty sweet, right? Happy April.)

Day 1: I sketched our neighbors. But it felt wrong. The short, minced lines communicated a lot, but really nothing at all.

Day 2: I switched and used my trusty Tombow marker instead of the micron. Strong lines, simpler shapes, it looked more honest to me.

During our hike to one of my favorite places on earth, Cleo’s Bath, I snapped pictures of interesting flowers. When we got back, I sat down on an adirondack in the sun and drew my favorites. Flowers are so alien if you look at the closely enough. What’s better—one big flower or many tiny ones? I vote a tiny bunch.

Thanks for laying your eyeballs here. Practice, practice, practice—it makes my idle hands happy.

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