45 Hours on the Practice Board

Every couple days I count the number of tally marks and hours since starting my practice board. Today? 45 hours of practice! I am encouraged, hopeful, and feeling very happy with myself (but also a little embarrassed, more on that later). But how long did it take me to get here?

Turns out it took one month. I posted about Making Up the Right Schedule and My Practice Hack on June 5th. That’s an average around one+ hours a day. Which is convenient because…

I recently decided that I like the sound of at least an hour a day. Even on the weekend. And holidays. So now that I’m getting at least that much done, how much practice can I log in the next month?

If I’m going for 10,000 of things I love, only 9,955 to go. Daunting but hey, I’m closer just by starting.

Related: I’m closer to getting the first item on my DID IT! wish list. Since I love round numbers and multiples of four, I will consider a column complete when it reaches 40 tally marks. Or 20 hours total. Mama needs a new pair of shoes*!

As for the embarrassing part—you guys, I am doing this for my WHOLE LIFE right now. And I only managed to get in 45 hours?!?! Should it be triple, QUADRUPLE? Blogging doesn’t necessarily count, and I spend a lot of time doing things that support of the practice but SHEESH. I would love to see 60+ hours in the next month.

*Ok fine, camo pants. Item one is a pair of camouflage pants. Don’t ask.

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