Playing with Gouache: Ring Pops and a Banner

I learn new things every day, every week. It’s unavoidable. For example, I now know that you cannot scan flourescent gouache. Fun!

Just like the donuts, I felt to paint ring pops. Started with a sketch.

Moved on to over-do-it city. Restraint is not a strong suit. See the wishy-washy black edges? I drew everything with a Tombow marker first, which melts with water. An unintended effect!

And then a final, solitary Ring Pop… of DOOOOOM. I rather like this little fellow.

Another idea that manifested itself in my brain—a mexi-banner. Which is awesome, except for that terrible script. Ah, one day! I see more of these banners in my future.

And I look forward to the day that I reflect on these blog posts and see how woefully deficient I was in my skills. Cannot wait. I am aware that this rough, hairy on the edges. It needs loving care, and the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. I’m not that person… yet.

In the meantime, I keep sharing, practicing, trying new things. One day, oh one day, I’ll be nothing but proud.

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