A Wayne White Quote and Beauty Is Embarrassing

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I watched the Wayne White documentary, Beauty Is Embarrassing, this weekend. Although he’s not on my original inspiration wall, Wayne White now up there next to the best of ’em.

For those of you not familiar with the name, you know his work. He created puppets, was several voices, and helped build the weird-o world of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. After quitting Hollywood, he started painted and is now best-known for phrases painted into thrift store canvases—like Sexy Paintings By Sexy Painters For Sexy People.

Reinvention, humor, notgivingafuck, curiosity, resourcefulness, quick creativity, constantly making things — it’s all there. He uttered the above statement, “hot glue and cardboard, makes the world go ’round.” I scribbled this down as something to bring into my little studio world because yes, I absolutely agree.

If you haven’t seen Beauty Is Embarrassing, I recommend watching it. And a fun fact: did you know Mark Mothersbaugh did music for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse?!

P.S. You totally need some Pee-Wee’s Playhouse in your life today. Here, have this bowl of Ice Cream Soup.

45 Hours on the Practice Board

Every couple days I count the number of tally marks and hours since starting my practice board. Today? 45 hours of practice! I am encouraged, hopeful, and feeling very happy with myself (but also a little embarrassed, more on that later). But how long did it take me to get here?

Turns out it took one month. I posted about Making Up the Right Schedule and My Practice Hack on June 5th. That’s an average around one+ hours a day. Which is convenient because…

I recently decided that I like the sound of at least an hour a day. Even on the weekend. And holidays. So now that I’m getting at least that much done, how much practice can I log in the next month?

If I’m going for 10,000 of things I love, only 9,955 to go. Daunting but hey, I’m closer just by starting.

Related: I’m closer to getting the first item on my DID IT! wish list. Since I love round numbers and multiples of four, I will consider a column complete when it reaches 40 tally marks. Or 20 hours total. Mama needs a new pair of shoes*!

As for the embarrassing part—you guys, I am doing this for my WHOLE LIFE right now. And I only managed to get in 45 hours?!?! Should it be triple, QUADRUPLE? Blogging doesn’t necessarily count, and I spend a lot of time doing things that support of the practice but SHEESH. I would love to see 60+ hours in the next month.

*Ok fine, camo pants. Item one is a pair of camouflage pants. Don’t ask.

What I Read This Week: July 5, 2013

What I read This Week Long Banner

Despite the short week, I packed quite a bit of reading into this seven day span. Some gems in here, absolutely. I must say—I’ve really enjoyed doing this. I wonder how I might continue to refine it, but for now listing books and creating the list is really satisfying. I push to get books done before the end of the week. Blissful motivation!

Real, Actual Books

On the Internet

Thanks for the Free Wood, Neighbors

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“Is it a robot or a house?”
“Well, both I guess.”

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