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The Very True Story of Fart Chips

Once upon a time, there was a girl living in a magical city. One of the things that made this city so special was the constant availability of fresh produce (that talked).

One day, the girl came across a bundle of kale that said to her, “Miss, won’t you take me home? I’ve always wanted to be a snack food but my brothers and sisters all laugh at me. I’m running away to find my true calling.”

Puzzled, the girl said to the Kale, “Well sure. You are such a lovely shade of green and so delicious already. I will gladly help you!” Away they went.

Recipe after recipe, the girl couldn’t fulfill the Kale’s dream.”You are so hearty and work so well sautéed that I can’t imagine you next to popcorn or potato chips.”

“That’s it!” the overexcited Kale replied. “You shall slather me in oil, salt and pepper and leave me to bake in a hot oven!” The Kale knew deep in its stalk that he was right. He would finally be listed in the Big Book of Snack Foods.

The girl was more uncertain. “Hmm, the oil does sound about right. But will you crisp? Will you still be delicious? I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

She took great care in washing and drying the Kale in his Final Preparation. She pre-heated her oven and tossed Kale in oil, salt and pepper. One final time she asked, “Kale, are you sure this is what you want? You’d be so delicious cooked in butter and red pepper flakes.”

“Yes. I am quite certain. I think you’ll be delighted with me when I’m baked.”

With a tear in her eye, the girl loaded Kale into the oven and waited.

When enough time had passed, she opened the oven and to her complete surprise, the Kale was right! He had transformed into a crispy, tasty snack food! She popped a leaf into her mouth and crunched and munched the night away, leaf after leaf.

After the excitement of a new discovery had worn off, she recoiled. “Oh my, what is that smell!” The next minute, the girl had fallen into a food coma before she was able to identify the smell’s origin.

The next day she awoke and left for a long journey across the kingdom. She brought more the kale on the trip, hoping the flavorful and healthy snack food would give her energy. Alas, the smell overpowered her carriage and she was forced to throw it out. From that day forward, the girl baked her Kale chips but was careful to share them so that not one leaf remained!

The End.

(This story may or may not be actually inspired by real life. If you’d like to enjoy your own nutritious and magical discovery, you can re-create this recipe from Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn.)

I wwwant that!

What a life. Another week, another batch of internet temptations revealed as available for purchase. When you la la love it but just can throw down the cash, I wwwant that! This weekly feature is my small corner of the world to wax poetic on amazing products found on the web and in some people’s homes, but not mine.

(photo by Drew)

Although I frequent Laughing Squid at least once a day, Scott’s blog is the last place I ever expected to find something for THH. Laughing Squid always has interesting pop culture, technology and news.  Bakeware? Apparently LS even rocks that. Enter: Helvetica cookie cutters, which I really wwwant. Beverly Hsu made many a designer/baker’s dream a reality. These guys aren’t actually available for purchase yet; the ultimate achievement in an I wwwant that! item.

Is there something in your bag that you use every day and have owned for years? Have you tried to replace it but failed? Such is the story of my Kenneth Cole wallet. Originally a high school Christmas present , I’ve attempted to dethrone it only to come crawling back again. It’s in great shape, and still completely functional but there are always other shiny new wallets to tempt me. Even though old leatha’ prevails, look at this beast! This L.A.M.B. perfection came to my attention in the form of an Okay Great blog post.  (While we’re at it, can we have a heart to heart about Okay Great‘s amazing lamp post? I absolutely wwwant all of them!)

Blame the many Martha Stewart books on my desk. Blame Remodelista. Blame el nino. Blame an unswerving devotion to brunch. I want this part shabby chic, part modernist pitcher for fresh squeezed OJ, bloody mary mix, or a bouquet of flowers. Oh Emile Henry, please tell me you wouldn’t actually charge me $50 for the pleasuring of serving with such a lovely item?

Part of the Christmas tradition that was woefully missing from this year’s postponed celebration (due to wedding) was my typical week-long devotion to puzzle completion. Yes, I did receive a puzzle as a gift. No, I wouldn’t have had time to work on it. Seeing the test pattern puzzle on Swiss Miss made me a) sad I had no puzzle time and b) energized that such a colorful challenge waits for me for next Christmas. Begone, Thomas Kinkade!  Things of Colour might market puzzles as boring but I heartily believe this would be my perfect family-time distraction.

Happy Lady Eats loves pomelos but these THH eyes were locked on the rather retro Fishs Eddy Guest Check tray. What’s not to love about giving a longer life to a diner waitress’ workhorse?

There is one moment in time where all of San Francisco bands together in anticipation of the Next Big Announcement. Apple’s Tuesday media events grab our attention, won’t let go and gives us one day to have something in common.  As sfgirlbybay pointed out, we were all rather aghast at the name choice for this newest product so she decided to celebrate her favorite Apple product, the iPhone. I’m so glad she did because I wouldn’t know about the fantastic mobile phone case maker she highlighted, Uncommon. All the skins are created by artists and customizable so you can take one piece of art and showcase your favorite parts. Above is an example from knitter extraordinaire, Magda Sayeg.  I absolutely adore living in a world where you can make your technology look like an afghan from your childhood rec room.

Honorable Mention: Apartment Therapy spotted the perfect kid’s table. It’s a xylophone! But not an old, boring, colorless adult instrument, it’s the fun child-version. Problem: I don’t have a kid. And wouldn’t the slats be a problem? (BONUS: The people who make the xylophone table are called Jellio. Go check out their website. Your inner child thanks you.)

I wwwant that!

Could it already be the almighty fifth I wwwant that! post? It is! Join me for a weekly meditation on rather pricey internet goods and the people (me) that love them.

(photo by iacoili & mcallister)

Clearly there’s some part of my brain that is made of straight rainbow. There is no gray matter, it’s all multi-color. That is the ONLY explanation I can come up with as to why I’m so attracted to bursts of bright. The Kitchn got my neurons snapping when they posted these brilliant cake plates. They’re made from old candle holders and were given a powder coat once over by some enterprising souls at iacoli & mcallister. Bravo.

Fan of quirky purses but low on cash? Avert your eyes from TsuruBride’s Etsy shop. She makes one mean animal clutch and I’m not talking about the terrible hen purse.  My favorite? Definitely the squirrel.  A thanks to Croqzine for twittering a featured seller link that let me down this dark, leathery, cute road.

There’s something so wholesome and pure about any article of clothing that features a BIG FLOPPY BOW. That’s probably why I went a little nut-so when I saw these great purses by Breagha on the superfantastic Modish blog. (Oh look, it’s yet another purse I wwwant this week. Trend anyone?) Unlike the previous petite clutches, these are big bags, featuring a nubby finish in autumnal colors and patterns. I can’t decide whether I’d rather picture myself using the yellow or the herringbone purse. Good thing I don’t have to pick. Gimme both, imagination!

Most pan racks lack pizazz. They’re all heavy-duty steel this and that. Serendipity and Spark found the perfect whimsical solution. It’s got colors, swoopy lines and a smattering of color.  Does your kitchen yearn for this home item and are you blessed with a large bank account? Buy it on the Supermarket HQ website.

Picture 2

How do you feel about industrial felt? What about take-out style boxes? And if they have a face? What if the handle is the face, does that creep you out? It doesn’t? Well then, you’ll love these folding buckets made by VivachiStyle. Do Something Pretty did something pretty when they shared these great utility buckets.

Another craft and design emporium, IndieFixx, is hosting a giveaway. It’s $50 bucks to spend on the Modish Vintage store. To play, you had to find something you like in the Modish Vintage wares and post it in the comments. I found several things I liked but nothing I really LIKED until arriving at this adorable little boy porcelain dish, cup and bowl set. Say it with me now, HOW FRIGGEN CUTE! If I had more than the scrap of money left to my name I was SURELY shell out the $30 bucks to bring this fella into my home.

That’s it for this week’s I wwwant that! Do chime in if you love any of these items.  And definitely don’t hesitate to share other covetables if you’ve been scoping out something delicious.

(UPDATE: Heather from CROQ Zine and Dollar Store Crafts shared these these great letter pillows made from old suit coats in the comments. Here’s a picture of Hilary Cosgrove’s alphabet pillows. Love it.)

I wwwant that!

Oh the joys of internet commerce. What’s in this week’s “Got to have it, absolutely want it, can’t afford it” pile?

While looking at this, can you imagine why I love it so much? Is it the house sketch? Or the lovely green plant leaves? NOPE! It’s the electric pink and green in the trees and the even more colorful banners. Sign me up. My Love for You was kind enough to share the playful work of Lizzy Janssen, who is on etsy, thank heavens. Go check out her other great work. What a talented lass!

What happens when you follow The Hipster Home on Twitter? THIS apparently. I check out your site and then lust after your wares. A cloud headband? How novel! If ever there’s been a simple, clean design that makes you feel good about the world , this is it. The little details (click through) in the girl and airplane make it sweet and really endearing. If you’re interested in more of her amazing jewelry and products, she’s on etsy and OF COURSE on twitter. She’s also got a great blog, featuring other etsy artists and cool shit, alongside more of her own work.

SWEET HEAVENS I LOVE THE IDEA OF GUMMY BRASS KNUCKLES. I think that about sums it up. Eat Me Daily is to blame for the introduction to Romeing Panda‘s utilitarian approach to gummy bears. Thanks guys!

Finally, I just love the look of the Aomikan. Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn tells me it’s “a green tangerine with orange flesh.” I do not care what it tastes like. I do not care what citrus fruits it’s a combination of. I ADORE the orange insides and the rich green outsides. My breakfast table shall always feel empty with the void of Japanese fruits not carried here in the US. Maybe I’ll just order a food photo of it? Mmmmm, delicious.

That’s it for this week kids! Do you have something you’ve been lusting after but can’t afford? Let’s squeal about it together in the comments.

I wwwant that!

Welcome to this week’s edition of I wwwant that! It’s the one place in which I’ll allow myself to dream of spending a whole savings account on covetable web items. Let’s begin…

The first person responsible for my itchy Add to Basket trigger finger is Joy from Oh Joy! Besides Joy being her first name, her blog was more aptly named for the Oh Joy! reaction evoked when browsing her eye-candy posts. Oh, excuse me. Did that come off too ass-kissy? Add her blog to your RSS and see how long you last with that hard heart of yours. Anyways, she posted some lovely geometric-inspired jewelery that’s not ONLY pretty shapes but is made from laser cut wood. The Harbinger Co. is based out of San Francisco and badass enough to use LASERS on a regular basis. The pieces range from $12-$60 and won’t break the band but these are HARD TIMES people!

A few times over the last couple days, an annoying thing happened. The interweb (like Poppytalk and Apartment Therapy) was enthralled with a new textured Anthropologie couch. Yeah, ok. Nice couch, like I give a shit. Ay but there’s the rub. In said photograph of this couch lays an AMAZING RUG. The bright colors! The nubby bobbles of pompom! The randomized spots of color! I was smitten. The first time I saw it, I thought it wasn’t for sale but by the second time, I was compelled to see if it was something Anthropologie carrier. And they are. Expensively. Their Felt Pixel Rug will set you back $600-$900. Plus shipping. Crying myself a river.

Picture 4

Let’s finish with another website discovery, like last week‘s Jonathan Adler. This one is compliments of Kate from For You, For Me, who tweeted about the recent arrival of some vintage locker baskets from the people of Three Potato Four. “Hmm, what is that?!?” I asked myself. “I’M on the hunt for lockers, maybe they’ll have something cool for our linens!” No dice. HOWEVER, Three Potato Four is a webstore that carries vintage stuff that kicks butt. Go browse already!

Picture 5
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