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Tale of the Kiddie Canvas: Part 4

Last week compelled me to make those three white swooshes on the right. So I did. And then, of course, the triangle rays insisted on appearing. I like where this painting is going, although it feels unbalanced right now. The color on the right is so much lighter than the bits on the left. Maybe I’ll attempt to even it out more next time.

Can you spot the two other additions?

So, ta-dah! Here it is—the latest in my re-use of a kid’s discarded canvas that I bought at a thrift store for $.50.

(A little lost? Start at the beginning with The Tale of the Kiddie Canvas.)

Tale of the Kiddie Canvas: Part 2

kiddie canvas - image 2

Remember that canvas I bought for two quarters? I gave the awesome bronze table some detail and depth. Then I washed out the back with a lovely pink. I cannot get enough of it.

Oops, there goes a streak of orange from the palette. Might as well leave that there. And oh god, some of the paint from my tile palette is coming up. Ohh, the back of that is sure pretty. I’ll use gel medium and paste it up.

Well, that was fun. Hmm. Where to next with this ole gal?

Tale of the Kiddie Canvas

Kid painting - blog 1

Wine country thrift shops hold unexpected treasures. And when one has a 50%-off sale, you hop on that wagon, and don’t get off until your own cart is full and no more dollar bills sit in your wallet.

This pretty little thing appeared to me, and I knew the canvas held another life. Also I’m cheap and always love a 50 cent surface to paint upon. I will take over this bowl of fruit and table. I want to show you painting session by session how I transform it. I don’t know where it’s going. Maybe a good, happy place, or maybe one of frustration. But we’ll go together.

UPDATE: Layers of paint are down! Check out the Kiddie Canvas progression.

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