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I wwwant (to make) that!

Since the last I wwwant that! post, I’ve been collecting more completely desirous items available for purchase on the web. But something else has happened. I’ve been stock piling awesome inspiration and ideas for things to make too. So today’s I wwwant that! isn’t just for pretty objects I can’t afford but also will highlight incredible projects that are within our creatable realm.

TASTY ART ALERT: Kim Piotrowski was recently featured on My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses. I was immediately transfixed. Her paintings remind me of pantyhose (beige), My Little Pony (pastels), and Monet (everything swirled together) and although that sounds like an unsavory combination, I dare you to browse through her website and tell me otherwise. Her paintings belong in a beautiful world I wouldn’t mind visiting. (Clearly I did not go to art school.)

It might be last week’s internet hotness, but I can’t help but wwwant a Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. “April, that is impossible! It’s an web thing. You can’t own it, silly pants.” Au contraire, my good buddy. You can’t own it yet.  How badass would it be to have the creations available as as a giant fine art print for your house? Don’t you judge me. Just thinking about a print of Selleck Waterfall Sandwich IN YOUR BATHROOM or ABOVE YOUR BED will rock your world a little bit. Someone make it happen!

(photo by thriftandthread)

DIY DISCO BALL SHOES! (or ANYTHING) was originally created by Thrift and Thread and brought to my attention on OutsaPop Trashion. I’d really like to make a headband or yamaka using this technique. (2 for 1! OutsaPop Trashion posted a friggen awesome tutorial for custom hangers.) ((Ok fine, THREE for 1. Their post for this dude’s woven sweatshirt. Heaven.))

I just had to share this awesome DIY Valentine from my recent favorite bloggy blog. I found it while voting for The Bloggies 2010. A Beautiful Mess was nominated for the Best Art, Craft, or Design Weblog. FOR GOOD REASON. Look how easy they make it look to draw people and be incredibly thoughtful. So easy!

(Photo by Karen Barbe)

Recently I’ve noticed I’m stockpiling reusable containers. Unsure why, I knew the minute I saw this. Textile artist Karen Barbe created these playful brooches using old plastic bottles which she shared on her awesome Flickr stream. Yes, let’s do it! You can’t beat those industrialized pops of color. Creature Comforts gets bonus points for spotting the awesome.

The Kid Collective posted an amazing assortment of Parisian home inspiration and this Zap rug, designed by Fiona Curran from The Rug Company caught my eye immediately. Our colorful lil cheap ikea rug is on its way out and all I can think of is replacing it with this luxe business.

(photo by Anthropologie+You)

PRO TIP: Cucumbersome tweeted* about Anthropologie’s newest flower window displays made from old bottles (which are BEAUTIFUL by the way) and I noticed that the store has a dedicated Flickr site. It’s a gold mine. The stream is flooded with inspiration and fantasticalness. If you love the Anthropologie feel, then their Flickr stream will provide you with a good 30 minutes of WOW.

*SPEAKING OF TWITTER! Did you know that The Hipster Home is on it? True story! Hear ideas, updates and news the second it pops into my head @thehipsterhome.

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