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I wwwant that!

Welcome to this week’s edition of I wwwant that! It’s the one place in which I’ll allow myself to dream of spending a whole savings account on covetable web items. Let’s begin…

The first person responsible for my itchy Add to Basket trigger finger is Joy from Oh Joy! Besides Joy being her first name, her blog was more aptly named for the Oh Joy! reaction evoked when browsing her eye-candy posts. Oh, excuse me. Did that come off too ass-kissy? Add her blog to your RSS and see how long you last with that hard heart of yours. Anyways, she posted some lovely geometric-inspired jewelery that’s not ONLY pretty shapes but is made from laser cut wood. The Harbinger Co. is based out of San Francisco and badass enough to use LASERS on a regular basis. The pieces range from $12-$60 and won’t break the band but these are HARD TIMES people!

A few times over the last couple days, an annoying thing happened. The interweb (like Poppytalk and Apartment Therapy) was enthralled with a new textured Anthropologie couch. Yeah, ok. Nice couch, like I give a shit. Ay but there’s the rub. In said photograph of this couch lays an AMAZING RUG. The bright colors! The nubby bobbles of pompom! The randomized spots of color! I was smitten. The first time I saw it, I thought it wasn’t for sale but by the second time, I was compelled to see if it was something Anthropologie carrier. And they are. Expensively. Their Felt Pixel Rug will set you back $600-$900. Plus shipping. Crying myself a river.

Picture 4

Let’s finish with another website discovery, like last week‘s Jonathan Adler. This one is compliments of Kate from For You, For Me, who tweeted about the recent arrival of some vintage locker baskets from the people of Three Potato Four. “Hmm, what is that?!?” I asked myself. “I’M on the hunt for lockers, maybe they’ll have something cool for our linens!” No dice. HOWEVER, Three Potato Four is a webstore that carries vintage stuff that kicks butt. Go browse already!

Picture 5
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