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Bay Area Events Happening NOW

Hi good readers, a quick update especially for those within the confines of San Francisco. I have two very great, very fantastic events for you!

The first is tomorrow night…Cocktails and Crafts with Etsy!

From Facebook:

Etsy is opening a new engineering office in San Francisco (interested?), and we want to get to know our neighbors.

We don’t have office space locked down just yet, but thanks to our friends at Covered Communications and Pier 38 we’re not letting that slow us down!

The women from Women 2.0 will also be on hand, raising money for Women 2.0 Labs, a summer entrepreneurial incubation program.

Come on by June 10th between 7 and 10 pm PT to meet Chad Dickerson (Etsy CTO) and make some sweet, geeky crafts (did someone say DIY screen-printed mousepad?) and have a cocktail or two on us.

When: June 10th 7-10 p.m. PT
Where: Pier 38
Who: You and anyone you want to bring along!

For more info, visit Women 2.0 and Code as Craft.

The second event is this weekend. Juliette Melton, of lightbulb terrarium fame, is having her first terrarium art gallery opening at Modern Eden! So go pay her a visit and perchance purchase one of her amazing light bulb terrariums while you’re at it.

From Facebook:

On Saturday June 12th, join us in celebration of our new art gallery. Over a dozen local artists will be showing their work from paintings, sculpture, and jewelry. Hope to see you there and bring your friends! Thanks for the support.
~Bradley and Kim

For questions or more info, e-mail us at:

So if you’re looking for something to do, get out there and support San Francisco crafters!

A Quick Note: You Are Fricken Awesome

Add a unicorn!

I’ll keep today’s post short and sweet. It may have been quiet from me this week but there are a couple reasons. First off, it was my first week of work training! And then, like an unwelcome blemish on prom night, a pretty gnarly head cold took me out for two full days. Finally, while I’ve been up and functioning, you guys kept me busy approving comments and responding! Why is that?

The little lightbulb terrarium post that could (guest blogged by lovely Juile) hit the internet in a big way and I wanted to take time to say THANK YOU to everyone who twittered, blogged or gchated their deskmate with the project. It was pretty amazing to see it first get StumbledUpon and expand from there. It since hit Unplggd, an Etsy tumblr (official or no?), ManMadeDIY, Dwell’s twitter stream and most recently, The Huffington Post. Yeowza. When y’all like something, you like something.

So thank you to folks like Full House Warm Hearts, Happy Hang Around, Peter Sena, Chicago North Shore Home and Beyond, Worldsex Blog (are you for REAL??) who blogged about it*, and to others who have shared in some way. You are mucho appreciated. If you’re new to THH town, I do hope you’ll stay for awhile, follow TheHipsterHome on twitter, tell a friend or two and keep commenting. Hearts!

*Did I miss you? Let me know in the comments!

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