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Creative Rituals and the Power of Two

Quite a bit happens in this ole brain of mine. Thoughts swirl and whiz by, tens a moment. It is my job to try and capture some of those ideas, pick the best, and then see them to fruition. I log almost all my ideas, but I’ll only focus on a few. One thing ensures that an idea will get extra attention and it’s actually the number two. Two mentions.

It takes two blog calligraphy

Let’s say I have an idea. I believe this idea to be incredible, life-changing, and completely original (ha!). But I don’t quite get around to it. The minute it appears a second time—I read about this very same idea or impulse somewhere else, DING! We have a very big winner. It goes from being a nice idea to being a necessary one.

Here’s an example: making a creative ritual for myself. It popped up while reading I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla Rogers. She suggested it was part of the day where you can kick your brain into the Work and Create mode. I like that! But I didn’t quite have the clarity on when/why/how and pushed it away until it was more developed. And then this week Manage Your Day-to-Day mentioned the same exact thing. Take note, brain. You gotta get this done!

So I did. A first draft Creative Ritual.

ritual image

I selected a mix of practical, special, and helpful, even turning one of my distractors into something that would set the stage. Presto change-o, a ritual.

I like this checklist thing. So far, it feels good. And when I had a bit of lizard-brain thrash earlier, I managed to start. (I wanted to avoid painting some frosted donuts. They had white icing, you guys. That is hard. Do you know what color you paint white with watercolor? YOU DON’T.)

How many times does it take for something to appear in front of you before you pay attention? For me, it’s the Power of Two.

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