I wwwant that!

Being an under-employed lady of leisure, several things suffer without making bank. Namely, purchasing power. Would I buy any of this if I did have a job? Eh, that’s besides the point because I’m pretty cheap. But please do join me in salivating over these tasty bits of internet commerce.


Let’s start with this old lover, the Jeffrey Campbell Neon Oxfords. Previously sold out, I stumbled upon them again tonight when I mainlined the NASTY GAL newsletter, I mean, their newsletter hit my inbox. Turns out they’re having a big sale! Go git yourself some size 0 vintage garb.

Picture 14

I like funny. I like this. Mr. Cold is a liquid soap dispenser. (GET IT?!?) He would look LOVELY in our bathroom and could grab coffee with our toilet monster. Thanks to Apartment Therapy for the post!

The Cherry Blossom Girl practically lives in her itty bitty heart tights. Too bad the Tabio website has such stark product pictures. I’d recommend checking out The Cherry Blossom Girl’s stylings if you want to see why I think these are super fantastic. Wwwant them. 10 pairs minimum.

Picture 15

For tonight’s totally-want-it-got-to-have-it craft project,  the fine people at The Wurst Gallery are to blame. In their Dishwasher Safe series, “each artist was sent 4 round pieces of paper that they could only use markers on, the pieces of paper were then processed into a 1 of a kind set of 4 plastic plates.” How’d they do that? Makit Plate kits! The finished products are plastic, totally usable and incredibly designed. Lori D made my favorites, but the rest are pretty spectacular as well. By all means, go check them ALL out but you better be pre-resigned to not buy any, because they’re all sold out! Hurrah Wurst.

Finally, I met Jonathan Adler! Hat tip to Making it Lovely since she posted that homeboy started making his lacquer bathroom set in hot pink for Barbie. Or some other nonsense like that. THE POINT IS Mr. Jonathan Adler makes whimsical, humorous, UNORDINARY and deliciously tacky home wares. Sign me up! So you can put all his awesome products in my giant internet shopping cart in the sky. That’s right, I JUST COVETED AN ENTIRE WEBSITE. Also: read the Jonathan Adler Manifesto, it’s a hoot.

Side note: Our library system has his book, My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living, which I promptly requested and will read. Free works, bitches.

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