Off Topic: The Hairs

I have a history of chopping off my hair and not telling anyone. Did it in college, grew it out, and did it again 9 months ago, lopsided. But like anything that that’s been sitting around that long, my hair will soon be a new creation. I’m going full pixie. And I’m telling you about it. (HUGE!)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to chop all my hair off. As I told the Mr., “as near as I can get to a feminine buzzcut.” Slowly I’ve worked towards that but it’s time to commit. My present asymmetrical haircut just needs a trim.  I’m still having fun at this party but I think it’s best to leave early.

So, how about a little help from you guys? The last thing I want to do is walk into my amazing hairdresser’s place and say, “Give me that haircut from the girl in Breathless.” PS  Jean Seberg.

Or say, “Give me the subtle elegance of my girl, Audrey Hepburn.” (unoriginal)

Let’s hear it, are there any other classic short-haired hotties?

(Mia Farrow)

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