What Inspires Me- An sfgirlbybay Project

When sfgirlbybay asked the general internet if she should put together a tour of blogs talking about what inspired them, the internet answered yet. Blog it Forward was born. For my post today, here’s a handy-dandy list of what inspires me…

  1. Colors- the brighter the better,  featuring crazy geometric patterns is best.  See also: kelly green, orange, gray, navy blue, sparkles.
  2. Observing the world around me- When I’m stumped by a project, it’s amazing how frequently the solution will appear just by looking around
  3. (All of a sudden, I noticed my week-old Valentine’s day flowers. Stunning in the light.)

  4. The Internet- which features makers and doers of the world who share their work and inspiration in thousands of blog posts a day. (See also: Blog I Love)
  5. My CSA box, the farmers’ market and Rainbow Grocery- hurrah for bugs, taking 20 minutes to wash one bag of spinach and having someone else send you a box of edibles every week. Also hurrah for other people’s carefully grown heirloom produce. Veggie boner.
  6. The Whole Kit and Kaboodle
  7. Cookbooks- the pretty pictures, the idea of using a big, fat combination of ingredients with separate preparations making something wholly delicious, BAKING. Oh lord, put me in the kitchen with a good cookbook and I’m set for days. (See also: a collection of favorites featured in a tacky Amazon affiliate page, my General Store)
  8. The area around San Francisco- you can drive anywhere from 1-4 hours out of the city and reach some amazing terrain. Driving up the 1 on the coast feels like you’re on the edge of the world. Field, road, car, cow, cliff, ocean.
  9. (Lake Tahoe)

    (Driving through the redwoods)
    Day 2 of the Drive- Redwoods!

Thanks to The Goode Life for passing on the spirit stick.  Tag, you’re it living well!

What inspires you?

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