A Note from Housekeeping: Let’s Get Phy.. Personal, Personal!

I’ve started this blog post approximately 30 bajillion times. In my head. Without ever writing it down. (Can you imagine the mental constipation?? Ah, here’s that sweet relief.)


Fact of the matter is that I write all day long. I get paid to write. My job is to write. Can you guess what I’m NOT aching to do when I get home every evening?

To be fair, it’s not that I mind writing. It’s the baggage that comes with a well-crafted blog post. It’s the documentation, photo editing and wordy review that overwhelms me. (For instance, I’m not even writing this post in Wordpess. I’m writing it in a text file because I’m afraid I’ll see the formatting bar and won’t finish. Look—SUCCESS!)

Since I started working again, it’s taken time for life to equalize. At least I’ve started cooking and baking again! Not so much on the crafty side of things. I certainly feel guilt guilt guilty for neglecting my little pet site that I watered and tended almost every day of my experiment in unemployment and self discovery.

The great news is that my job is going well. Chronicle Books is still putting out amazing books (HELLO James Beard Award Country Cooking of Ireland!) and I must say, concocting Tweets and Facebook message is not at all a bad gig. I get home fairly early every day but plop down in front of my laptop right off the bat? No sir. I don’t know how you crazy bitches can have jobs and blogs and be perfectly styled and have lovely homes. Itmakesmewanttomakeamicrowaveablebrownieinasingleservingmugandwatchteenmom.


This is all a convoluted way of saying that I’m ABSOLVING myself of the guilt that’s been building up over the past couple months at my lack of THH upkeep. It’s not that I don’t have the energy to keep posting. I have energy. However, it’s spent on other more important things like taking showers, vacuuming every once in awhile and actually feeding myself and loved ones.

This is all temporary of course. I absolutely will pick up The Hipster Home again one day. I still get comments, emails and page views (!). It would be foolish to let such a beautiful and eternal creation like THH to die an unholy internet death of neglect.

After my time with Chronicle is finished, I’ve got an actually real and full-time (first since I was laid off Sept 08… HOLY SHIT!) so there’s THAT whole new adjustment period. GOOD BYE HOURLY RATES! I can’t even believe it. I’m giddy. Overjoyed. And a leeeetle bit stressing (weird dreams? check!) but all in all it will be ok. I’ll be ok and you’ll be better than ever.

Since I believe in making commitments and since THH was started on a self-promise of posting at least twice a week for 6 months, I’d like to put this into a digital contract for you all. I will maintain (albeit sparsely) the twitter account. And I will hold THH dormant in my heart until at least August 1, 2010 (if not sooner), after which I will reevaluate my time and make a new statement regarding posts and the future. I started THH because I felt like I was consuming a lot of content without giving back. But now I’m barely consuming any and as such, don’t feel like I absolutely must write here all the darn tootin’ time. There’s that word— equalize —again.

INTERNET HUG! You guys are the best, you really are. Thank you for reading. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for your support and kind words and barf barf barf you are completely awesome individuals that I may or maynot have actually met at some juncture.


P.S. Do you have questions? Comments? A riddle I might solve for ye? Leave me a high-five in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can… BEEP.

(I’d like to add the following footnote: SWEET JEBUS ALMIGHTY, ITS GOOD TO SOUND LIKE MYSELF AGAIN HERE, capslock and all.)

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