What I Read This Week: April 19, 2013

What a stressful, paranoid, and unbridled week—in a terrible, awful, no good, very bad way. I like to think I’m still too stunned, but part of me doesn’t want to acknowledge my ability to feel incredible amounts of anger, fear, resentment, and fury towards what happened.

The first thing this made me think about the Unibomber, which felt so long ago. Remember the wait? The extended periods of unsurety? It took months, months.

This is so much faster, more brutal. We barely have time to process one horrifying event before the next begins. These are friends, parents, children, humans who have to deal with other people’s desperation and incomprehensible desires. I hurt for humanity. I ache for the future, and I lament this week’s cruelty for the people who found themselves directly in harm’s way. I could be that person, so could you. It is only by sheer improbability and luck that we follow along instead of finding ourselves so impacted that we cannot see beyond our immediate misfortune.

I didn’t mean to go on about Boston, but here we are. It was a weird week not just for life but also for reading. We’re all over the map, and hey, there’s nothing that I’m exceedingly ashamed of reading. smh

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Real, actual books:

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