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What I Read This Week: May 31, 2013

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Let’s shake this regularly occuring blog feature up, down, right, and left until it’s in a new order. I added the Newsletter I Totally Love feature too! I recommend signging up for each and every one. Bravo, fellow humans.

Newsletters I Totally Love

Real, Actual Books

Read on the Internets

A Special Collage Workshop Feature

My favorite thing is to look at the collection of collages at the end
of the evening. The ideas and new things that people can create is a
remarkable, beautiful thing. And everyone has such a unique
perspective and take on how to transform something as simple as old
paper. It’s fun to see everyone learn from each other too. I really
just want more people to take a moment to use their hands because it’s
such a powerful thing that is easy to ignore.

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Holy smokes, you guys. I was featured in the Makeshift Society’s blog today! It’s for a very official and important-sounding Teacher Spotlight. Also present? Some fantastic photos taken at the May workshop by the especially fantastic Celeste Noche. Hoo-ray. If you’ll excuse me, I need to light these celebration fireworks.

What I Read This Week: May 28, 2013

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While lovely, four day weekends seriously screw with my ability to get this out on Friday SO! Here we are. The fascinating reads sit with the fluffy stuff and a fair amount of video, so if you pick off this list, stay sharp.

Real, Actual Books

One Infuriating, Brown Spotted Banana

banana cookie 2

The dishes rest in their rightful locations. Forks, spoons, mixing bowls nestle together, out of sight.

A knife block, an iPad and stand, and a colorful cutting board reside on the kitchen cart. But oh god—look, look at that. It’s a banana. That single, stupid brown spotted banana.

My eyes dart back around the clean kitchen, lured back to the cart. Ugh, still there. What to do? Can you make cookies with bananas?

Banana chocolate chip cookies—population: one banana.

Done. They were delicious, a delight.

But oh god, all those dirty baking dishes.

(Yes, you see it right. I watercolored the banana. Yep, both sides. So now it will live here forever. FOREVER.)

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