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What I Read This Week: June 28, 2013

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Tale of the Kiddie Canvas

Kid painting - blog 1

Wine country thrift shops hold unexpected treasures. And when one has a 50%-off sale, you hop on that wagon, and don’t get off until your own cart is full and no more dollar bills sit in your wallet.

This pretty little thing appeared to me, and I knew the canvas held another life. Also I’m cheap and always love a 50 cent surface to paint upon. I will take over this bowl of fruit and table. I want to show you painting session by session how I transform it. I don’t know where it’s going. Maybe a good, happy place, or maybe one of frustration. But we’ll go together.

UPDATE: Layers of paint are down! Check out the Kiddie Canvas progression.

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Painting on Scrap Wood

Construction leftovers make a delightful canvas. Thank you, neighbor, for “donating” this material. Presented in order of my favorite to my least favorite side…

Geo side wood Wood front - blog Simple wood side - blog tacky wood - blog

What do you think I should do with these?

I B C-ing U Doodle Exercise

Letter Doodle - big

You can do it too…

  1. Take out a piece of paper.
  2. And find your favorite marking utensil.
  3. Start with A or pick your favorite letter.
  4. Draw as many variations of that letter as you can.

Don’t think about it too hard. Just do it. You’ll feel much better afterwards. Promise.

Bowls with a Double OO and Bs

boob bowls

I made these nifty little bowls with the Amazepack Machéd With Love craft kit. They live on my desk now, holding business cards, post its, and doo-dads.

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