Tale of the Kiddie Canvas: Part 6

I took bristles to this ole thrift store canvas once again a few days ago. The session that yielded this bit o work added quite a bit that I like (overall). The bowl, for one, was a few loose waves of paint here and there. And then also reinforced the swirls.

I had a dream about loose brush strokes a couple nights ago. Perhaps it was the Diebenkorn exhibit, or browsing the illustrated Food Rules, with fun, exuberant images by Maira Kalman. But it could feel the loose color in my fingers.

I’m getting close to the end and it feels like I need to start subtracting and adding one or two final things—images not provided by the original kid that made this. What’s a still life without a flower? Yes, I will add a flower.

(What with the who? Start at the beginning of The Tale of the Kiddie Canvas (and all of its progressions).)

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