This is it.

Dear reader,

As you’ve seen from recent posts, I’m interested in different things now than when I started The Hipster Home in 2009. I’ll blog again, but it won’t be here because I’m closing up shop and sunsetting The Hipster Home. The posts will remain, but things might get a little dusty. If you’re interested in my donuts, illustration, and this new creative life, follow me over to my portfolio and its BFF, the blog.

Don’t be sad—you might remember from last year that I had fun with National Donut Day. It is appropriate that I kicked off my new blog on National Donut Day because I’m sharing a BUNCH exciting things for donut-lovers like new paintings from my #10DaysofDonuts, art deals, and a NEW (very weird, rather odd, but totally awesome) donut self-portrait.

Thank you for your time and for helping me to build this remarkable slice of the internet. You are awesome. I hope you’ll come hang out with me at my new place.


Where to find me

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