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I wwwant (to make) that!

Since the last I wwwant that! post, I’ve been collecting more completely desirous items available for purchase on the web. But something else has happened. I’ve been stock piling awesome inspiration and ideas for things to make too. So today’s I wwwant that! isn’t just for pretty objects I can’t afford but also will highlight incredible projects that are within our creatable realm.

TASTY ART ALERT: Kim Piotrowski was recently featured on My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses. I was immediately transfixed. Her paintings remind me of pantyhose (beige), My Little Pony (pastels), and Monet (everything swirled together) and although that sounds like an unsavory combination, I dare you to browse through her website and tell me otherwise. Her paintings belong in a beautiful world I wouldn’t mind visiting. (Clearly I did not go to art school.)

It might be last week’s internet hotness, but I can’t help but wwwant a Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. “April, that is impossible! It’s an web thing. You can’t own it, silly pants.” Au contraire, my good buddy. You can’t own it yet.  How badass would it be to have the creations available as as a giant fine art print for your house? Don’t you judge me. Just thinking about a print of Selleck Waterfall Sandwich IN YOUR BATHROOM or ABOVE YOUR BED will rock your world a little bit. Someone make it happen!

(photo by thriftandthread)

DIY DISCO BALL SHOES! (or ANYTHING) was originally created by Thrift and Thread and brought to my attention on OutsaPop Trashion. I’d really like to make a headband or yamaka using this technique. (2 for 1! OutsaPop Trashion posted a friggen awesome tutorial for custom hangers.) ((Ok fine, THREE for 1. Their post for this dude’s woven sweatshirt. Heaven.))

I just had to share this awesome DIY Valentine from my recent favorite bloggy blog. I found it while voting for The Bloggies 2010. A Beautiful Mess was nominated for the Best Art, Craft, or Design Weblog. FOR GOOD REASON. Look how easy they make it look to draw people and be incredibly thoughtful. So easy!

(Photo by Karen Barbe)

Recently I’ve noticed I’m stockpiling reusable containers. Unsure why, I knew the minute I saw this. Textile artist Karen Barbe created these playful brooches using old plastic bottles which she shared on her awesome Flickr stream. Yes, let’s do it! You can’t beat those industrialized pops of color. Creature Comforts gets bonus points for spotting the awesome.

The Kid Collective posted an amazing assortment of Parisian home inspiration and this Zap rug, designed by Fiona Curran from The Rug Company caught my eye immediately. Our colorful lil cheap ikea rug is on its way out and all I can think of is replacing it with this luxe business.

(photo by Anthropologie+You)

PRO TIP: Cucumbersome tweeted* about Anthropologie’s newest flower window displays made from old bottles (which are BEAUTIFUL by the way) and I noticed that the store has a dedicated Flickr site. It’s a gold mine. The stream is flooded with inspiration and fantasticalness. If you love the Anthropologie feel, then their Flickr stream will provide you with a good 30 minutes of WOW.

*SPEAKING OF TWITTER! Did you know that The Hipster Home is on it? True story! Hear ideas, updates and news the second it pops into my head @thehipsterhome.

I wwwant that!

What a life. Another week, another batch of internet temptations revealed as available for purchase. When you la la love it but just can throw down the cash, I wwwant that! This weekly feature is my small corner of the world to wax poetic on amazing products found on the web and in some people’s homes, but not mine.

(photo by Drew)

Although I frequent Laughing Squid at least once a day, Scott’s blog is the last place I ever expected to find something for THH. Laughing Squid always has interesting pop culture, technology and news.  Bakeware? Apparently LS even rocks that. Enter: Helvetica cookie cutters, which I really wwwant. Beverly Hsu made many a designer/baker’s dream a reality. These guys aren’t actually available for purchase yet; the ultimate achievement in an I wwwant that! item.

Is there something in your bag that you use every day and have owned for years? Have you tried to replace it but failed? Such is the story of my Kenneth Cole wallet. Originally a high school Christmas present , I’ve attempted to dethrone it only to come crawling back again. It’s in great shape, and still completely functional but there are always other shiny new wallets to tempt me. Even though old leatha’ prevails, look at this beast! This L.A.M.B. perfection came to my attention in the form of an Okay Great blog post.  (While we’re at it, can we have a heart to heart about Okay Great‘s amazing lamp post? I absolutely wwwant all of them!)

Blame the many Martha Stewart books on my desk. Blame Remodelista. Blame el nino. Blame an unswerving devotion to brunch. I want this part shabby chic, part modernist pitcher for fresh squeezed OJ, bloody mary mix, or a bouquet of flowers. Oh Emile Henry, please tell me you wouldn’t actually charge me $50 for the pleasuring of serving with such a lovely item?

Part of the Christmas tradition that was woefully missing from this year’s postponed celebration (due to wedding) was my typical week-long devotion to puzzle completion. Yes, I did receive a puzzle as a gift. No, I wouldn’t have had time to work on it. Seeing the test pattern puzzle on Swiss Miss made me a) sad I had no puzzle time and b) energized that such a colorful challenge waits for me for next Christmas. Begone, Thomas Kinkade!  Things of Colour might market puzzles as boring but I heartily believe this would be my perfect family-time distraction.

Happy Lady Eats loves pomelos but these THH eyes were locked on the rather retro Fishs Eddy Guest Check tray. What’s not to love about giving a longer life to a diner waitress’ workhorse?

There is one moment in time where all of San Francisco bands together in anticipation of the Next Big Announcement. Apple’s Tuesday media events grab our attention, won’t let go and gives us one day to have something in common.  As sfgirlbybay pointed out, we were all rather aghast at the name choice for this newest product so she decided to celebrate her favorite Apple product, the iPhone. I’m so glad she did because I wouldn’t know about the fantastic mobile phone case maker she highlighted, Uncommon. All the skins are created by artists and customizable so you can take one piece of art and showcase your favorite parts. Above is an example from knitter extraordinaire, Magda Sayeg.  I absolutely adore living in a world where you can make your technology look like an afghan from your childhood rec room.

Honorable Mention: Apartment Therapy spotted the perfect kid’s table. It’s a xylophone! But not an old, boring, colorless adult instrument, it’s the fun child-version. Problem: I don’t have a kid. And wouldn’t the slats be a problem? (BONUS: The people who make the xylophone table are called Jellio. Go check out their website. Your inner child thanks you.)

How to Make a Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb

Ahoy there Hipster Homers! I’m Julie and I’m the very first guest blogger on this fine site. Today’s project involves breaking stuff, plants, found objects, and miniatures. Fun, right?

Let’s get started! We’re going to go through the steps to create your very own little terrarium. I like building terrariums inside of lightbulbs because of the inherent challenge of working in such a small space as well as how the simple, industrial beauty of a light bulb complements the intricacy of natural elements. (I was inspired to try this out after seeing this post on Apartment Therapy a couple of months ago.) We’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to make one of these. But first, let’s go through some key dos and don’ts of light bulb terrariums. I assembled these tips and warnings through extensive trial and error as well as helpful advice from the folks at Flora Grubb Gardens and Hortica in San Francisco.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do use sand or small pebbles; these are good because water drains through them easily. (Wet soil will get moldy in a confined area. You don’t want this.)
  • Do use Tillandsia, also known as air plants; these are a great choice for your tiny terrarium because they take all the nutrients they need from the air and a small amount of water. No roots means no wet soil which means no mold. You can buy tillandsia at garden stores or online.
  • Do choose preserved moss instead of live moss. Preserved moss isn’t living, but it will hold moisture; this moisture raises the humidity level in the terrarium, which makes the tillandsia happy. You can find sheet moss, reindeer moss, and other preserved mosses at garden and floral stores.
  • Do keep your terrarium in partial sunlight.
  • Do give your terrarium some water. The tillandsia is alive and will need a small amount of water to stay that way. Water it by either removing it and soaking it in water once a week or, using a spray bottle, give it a small spritz of water every week or two. Pour out any excess water.
  • Do feel free to use little rocks, pieces of glass, or any other bits of things to help give your terrarium character. DON’T:
  • Don’t use soil. Again, you don’t want a soupy, moldy terrarium. That would be gross.
  • Don’t use live moss. Moss is really picky and isn’t likely to survive well in this environment.
  • Don’t keep your terrarium in the dark.
  • Don’t keep your terrarium in full sunlight, either.

How To: You’ll need a few tools to make a tiny terrarium but nothing complicated to get started.

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Long tweezers or chopsticks
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Glasses or goggles

Let’s start with the light bulb. I like the globe kind that are used to light bathroom vanities. You can buy them at any hardware store, or preferably, use one that’s burned out to save resources. For those of us in northern California, one option for buying burned out bulbs (if you don’t have any on hand) is the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse in Oakland. Don’t use “soft white” bulbs or else your terrarium will just look like January in Minnesota. I don’t think this is what you’re going for.

We will be removing the inside parts of the lightbulb. This step involves breaking glass, so wear glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. I recommend doing this over a box to contain any flying pieces of broken glass. And, obviously, this is an “adults only” kind of task.

First, remove the metal tip from the bottom of the bulb. Using needle-nose pliers, carefully nudge the sides of the metal tip from the black glass part.

Then, when enough of the sides are raised to get a good grip on them, hold one of the sides with your pliers and yank out the metal tip. You will feel a couple little wires snap when you do this.

Next remove the black glass. Hold one side of the glass with the pliers and firmly twist up to snap the glass. Repeat around the other sides and pull out any remaining bits of black glass. This glass is pretty thick and will take some force to break it; so be careful and hold onto the bulb firmly.

Now you will be able to see the interior parts of the light bulb.

Using the flathead screwdriver as a sort of lever, snap the interior tube from the side. It will make a totally satisfying little sound as the argon escapes. Then twist the screwdriver around to smash the containing tube. It takes some force to do this; be careful, but also don’t be afraid of the bulb itself breaking. It probably won’t. Hold tight to the bulb while you do this.

Pull out any remaining wires with the pliers.

If there are any last bits of glass around the interior edge, break these off with the screwdriver.

And now you have an empty light bulb! That is definitely the hardest part of the endeavor. Next, put adhesive silicone bumpers on the side of the bulb to keep it steady.

We’ll use sand as a substrate for the terrarium. You can buy it at a garden store or collect it from a beach. If you use beach sand you will need to thoroughly rinse it to remove any salt. The sand in this tutorial is from the beach, so our first step is to rinse it.

To dry it, either spread it in a thin layer on a cookie sheet and leave it sitting for a few days, or dry it in the oven at 300 degrees. Be careful taking it out, because it will, hopefully obviously, be pretty hot.

The sand should be completely dry before continuing.

Once it’s dry, put a couple tablespoons of sand into the lightbulb. Make this easier by either using a funnel or a folded piece of cardboard.

This terrarium includes preserved sheet moss, reindeer moss, and tillandsia.

Cut off a small bit of sheet moss and put in the bulb. Position it using a chopstick or long tweezers. Tear off a few small pieces of reindeer moss and add this, as well.

Put a tillandsia in the bulb, pushing the smaller end in first. Position the different elements to look nice together and add more moss or rocks if you’d like. It might take some poking to get everything in the right place; be patient and experiment with different arrangements.

For extra fun, tiny toy animals can enliven your terrarium. I used a miniature horse for this one, and stuck a piece of gold wire in its head to make it into a makeshift unicorn. Any other found objects, like rocks, sticks, marbles, etc., would also be fun. And voilà! You have a lovely terrarium. More of my lightbulb terrariums are online at tinyterra.com and for sale on Etsy. I’d love to see your terrarium creations! Contact me at juliette@tinyterra.com.

A NOTE OF CAUTION FROM APRIL: Wise THH reader Shadus recommends using gloves when extracting the bulb guts. (S)he says “I would add– wear gloves while performing the delicate work on the bulb, they’re stronger than most people expect but a slip with the screwdriver could lead to a hand full of glass shards which is no fun and also doesn’t make for a nice evening at the hospital. Better safe than sorry!”

(All images Copyright Juliette Melton)

I wwwant that!

Betcha miss my regular features. I sure do. What happened to the wwwant thats of the world? The weekly CSA box?!? All in due time, dear readers. Oh, how the holiday season does disrupt! In celebration of a less commercial season (and thus a manageable covetous stuff per blog ratio), I’m bringing back my ode to internet shopping. For the girl who has everything a click away but not the wallet to support such frivolous action, I wwwant that! At the bottom, I posted some updates for several of the sellers I’ve wwwanted before.

Sometimes delicious web wares don’t come from a specific blog referral. Sometimes these items are waiting for you. Just cruising by it with my eyeballs is enough to do a double-take and launch an investigation. That happened one day, right after logging into flickr. “What’s that? Oh look!” Almost hidden within Poppytalk’s Flickr group The Art of Display, was the work of one Ninainvorm. In some mystical, magical formulation, she fires original screen-printed designs onto new and vintage housewares. The effect is quite fun and really, who doesn’t love a good mismatched houseware collection and color fiesta? Beware: her Etsy shop will tempt and tease you.

Yet another internet bread crumb trail led me to this next find wwwantable piece, which I’m likely to actually just BUY already was cheap enough to warrant purchase. More important than the mug is the amount of awesome that led me to this point. In summary: super fantastic blog Point and Blog said they were reading The Hipster Home (exciting!) Previously being unawares of facinating Point and Blog, I wanted to learn more about the writers, Emma Hovel and Katherine J. Oh look! One of them has a etsy link, does she make things? Wow, she’s got some pretty items favorited on her Etsy profile. Wait a sec, that mug has a space shuttle on it! And bad grammar! SOLD. Thanks for the mention, ladies of Point and blog!

Once upon a time, the Mr. and I ate at Spork. We were too full from dinner to order dessert but upon seeing the delicious list of sweets, decided to pick something up for home. The next day, we tasted the first bite of a Humprhy Slocombe specially made Spork ice cream, After School Special. WOW. Malted vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips and a caramel swirl. Heaven on a spoon. The best part was the chocolate covered potato chips, which since then, Happy Lady Eats shared a review of a particular brand. YUUUM. I definitlly wwwant that.

If there is a #1 entry on things I need around the house, it would be serving trays, especially for baked goods. Pyrex gets the job done but dang it, those things are not the pedestal on which to place your final delicate creation. Tangarang recently shared a way to make your OWN cake stands. Keyword: EPOXY.

This is a non digital I wwwant that! find. I know, I MUST BE LEAVING THE HOUSE! A Real Simple Magazine spoke to me at the airport last week and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. One of the pages celebrated several mirrored lamps. The main attraction, from West Elm, whispered that it might look good in our living room. I heartily agree.

Even though it could catch on fine fabrics or drag you straight to the bottom of a river because of its heft, these fantastic crystal rings by Elseetee, as seen on Poppytalk, are super fantastic. Look at the color! The irregular shape! The sheer earthiness of these rings! Blows the mind. I was ready to say how I absolutely, without a doubt, I could not afford these but to my surprise, they are a reasonable price for such statement jewelry. If you are also a fan of such things, go imagine yourself in another one of Elseetee’s wares in her Etsy shop.

There was some good news for internet friend (and one-time real life encounter) Polly of Pollyannacowgirl. Homegirl is the new ReadyMade Craft blogger. HUZZAH! She’s got excellent taste and I’m excited to follow along with her. Already, she spotted a calendar that would look so dapper up here in my craft loft. It’s a forever calendar by Claire Nereim. Whuzzywho? A forever calendar means that it’s just got month numbers and the California Wildflower that blooms every year at that time. Clever and beautiful, that’s a winning combination!

I wwwant that! alum updates:

  • While at the Renegade Craft Fair, I met Brenda of Phydeaux Designs! She was quite nice even though I was nervous to say hello! She’s busy with helping Haiti so if you’ve ever thought of purchasing one of her terrific cowls, DO IT NOW! (from I wwwant that! #10)
  • Helping Willotoons at Bazaar Bizarre, the booth was next to The Harbinger Co. Again I shyly said hello and even though I didn’t have any money on me at the time, I ended up receiving the Bamboo Cube  posts from the Mr! What a generous soul he is. (from I wwwant that! #2)
  • Finally, while spending some quality time inside the completely wwwantable Mission shop Gravel and Gold, I spotted MAKIT PLATE KITS! That’s right, kiddies! You can buy them online OR you can make the trip to this well-complied shop of treasures. (from I wwwant that! #1)

I La La Love You: A Wedding Mixtape

Let me first start with an apology. Lo siento!  There is no reason (except overwhelming business) to keep you guys in the dark about recent THH developments. Pardon my radio silence, even in the face of an epic amount of attention brought by a certain design*sponge post. If you didn’t see from my recent tweets (which I just learned weren’t showing in my sidebar), I was in Austin last week to celebrate my sister’s marriage! Although she’s halfway across the country, my family was able to plan all sorts of activities and events including a bridal shower, an important BBQ visit and more. Yeehaw.

One of the tasks I assigned myself was to create a Love Mixtape. Little known fact: I was a debutante my senior year of high school and as a result absolutely DETEST most event DJs. That includes weddings. I figured that if I was going to make it through this, there better be high doses of delightful lovey-dovey tunes hand picked with a certain amount of discretion. My friends were good sports and sent numerous examples of their favorite love songs.

Salted Citrus Caramels

Between making salted citrus caramels, packing a travel cooking kit and taking pains for personal beautification, I updated, tweaked, and expanded the mix to its current glory. As a reformed music biz professional, I know better than to post the whole thing in its entirety as a download but thought that you may already have a majority of these tunes in your music library. Bold songs denote favorites you should download! When I can, I’ve linked to the songs around the web. (UPDATE: wow, The Hype Machine had them ALL!)

A Love Mixtape: for F&S

  1. First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
  2. All is Full of Love by Death Cab for Cutie
  3. H in New England by Mac Richter (From an instrumental piano album that is worth the purchase)
  4. Not Going Anywhere by Keren Ann
  5. Heartbeats (A Knife cover) by Jose Gonzalez
  6. Anyone Else But You by Moldy Peaches
  7. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (amazing new musician)
  8. All I Want by Barry Louis Polisar
  9. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads
  10. The Look of Love (Part 1) by ABC (from one of my top 5 albums of all time, excellent and VERY 80s)
  11. All I Want is You by U2
  12. Heart of Chambers by Beach House
  13. The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields (from the greatest collection of love songs ever, 69 Love Songs)
  14. Can’t Help Falling in Love (An Elvis cover) by Ingrid Michaelson
  15. Make You Feel my Love (A Bob Dyland cover) by Adele
  16. Row by Jon Brion (instrumental track from the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack, which is all fantastic)
  17. More Adventurous by Rilo Kiley (my favorite love song, get the whole damn album)
  18. If This Ain’t Love (Don’t Knw What Is) by Nicole WIllis & The Soul Investigators
  19. Sea of Love by Cat Power
  20. The Luckiest by Ben Folds
  21. 3 Rounds and a Sound by Blind Pilot
  22. I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Wow, TWO Death Cab songs? What was I thinking?? Speaking of love and Ben Gibbard, we finally sat down to watch (500) Days of Summer last night. It left me in a strange mood, mainly that of dissatisfaction. But as the Mr. pointed out, that was kind of the point.

Let’s hear it, do you have any favorite love songs that I missed? Did a certain Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie leave you sour on Los Angeles love?

(PS I also made a sexy mix featuring the likes of R. Kelly, Ludacris, Color Me Badd and CSS. Are you interested in that playlist too?)

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