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Donuts of the Bay Area 2014 – I Made a Calendar!

Once upon a time I decided that I’d make a donut calendar for my first event. I painted the donuts, and readied them for printing. But then I ran out of time. Oh no!

And then I found the time. Until I didn’t have it any more. Six weeks of jury duty gobbled up my energy and the vision for this donut calendar grew dim.

But then I had time! And the end of the year, oh god, the end of the year was drawing nigh. Push, work, push, work, PRINT.

I am pleased to introduce you to my little enduring idea—the Donuts of the Bay Area 2014 Calendar.

If you love the donuts from San Francisco and Oakland, or just love pretty donuts, THIS IS FOR YOU! Or maybe for YOUR MOM! Or your BEST FRIEND!! Or at least tell them about it. Forward it, text it, Facebook it, or Tweet it. (Because you are awesome.)

Want to know what went into making a calendar? You got it. I’ll be sharing my experience in the coming weeks.

THANK YOU for your support, readers! Have a wonderful holiday.

Live local? You can pick up the calendar at Super7 in the Haight.

I wwwant that!

Betcha miss my regular features. I sure do. What happened to the wwwant thats of the world? The weekly CSA box?!? All in due time, dear readers. Oh, how the holiday season does disrupt! In celebration of a less commercial season (and thus a manageable covetous stuff per blog ratio), I’m bringing back my ode to internet shopping. For the girl who has everything a click away but not the wallet to support such frivolous action, I wwwant that! At the bottom, I posted some updates for several of the sellers I’ve wwwanted before.

Sometimes delicious web wares don’t come from a specific blog referral. Sometimes these items are waiting for you. Just cruising by it with my eyeballs is enough to do a double-take and launch an investigation. That happened one day, right after logging into flickr. “What’s that? Oh look!” Almost hidden within Poppytalk’s Flickr group The Art of Display, was the work of one Ninainvorm. In some mystical, magical formulation, she fires original screen-printed designs onto new and vintage housewares. The effect is quite fun and really, who doesn’t love a good mismatched houseware collection and color fiesta? Beware: her Etsy shop will tempt and tease you.

Yet another internet bread crumb trail led me to this next find wwwantable piece, which I’m likely to actually just BUY already was cheap enough to warrant purchase. More important than the mug is the amount of awesome that led me to this point. In summary: super fantastic blog Point and Blog said they were reading The Hipster Home (exciting!) Previously being unawares of facinating Point and Blog, I wanted to learn more about the writers, Emma Hovel and Katherine J. Oh look! One of them has a etsy link, does she make things? Wow, she’s got some pretty items favorited on her Etsy profile. Wait a sec, that mug has a space shuttle on it! And bad grammar! SOLD. Thanks for the mention, ladies of Point and blog!

Once upon a time, the Mr. and I ate at Spork. We were too full from dinner to order dessert but upon seeing the delicious list of sweets, decided to pick something up for home. The next day, we tasted the first bite of a Humprhy Slocombe specially made Spork ice cream, After School Special. WOW. Malted vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips and a caramel swirl. Heaven on a spoon. The best part was the chocolate covered potato chips, which since then, Happy Lady Eats shared a review of a particular brand. YUUUM. I definitlly wwwant that.

If there is a #1 entry on things I need around the house, it would be serving trays, especially for baked goods. Pyrex gets the job done but dang it, those things are not the pedestal on which to place your final delicate creation. Tangarang recently shared a way to make your OWN cake stands. Keyword: EPOXY.

This is a non digital I wwwant that! find. I know, I MUST BE LEAVING THE HOUSE! A Real Simple Magazine spoke to me at the airport last week and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. One of the pages celebrated several mirrored lamps. The main attraction, from West Elm, whispered that it might look good in our living room. I heartily agree.

Even though it could catch on fine fabrics or drag you straight to the bottom of a river because of its heft, these fantastic crystal rings by Elseetee, as seen on Poppytalk, are super fantastic. Look at the color! The irregular shape! The sheer earthiness of these rings! Blows the mind. I was ready to say how I absolutely, without a doubt, I could not afford these but to my surprise, they are a reasonable price for such statement jewelry. If you are also a fan of such things, go imagine yourself in another one of Elseetee’s wares in her Etsy shop.

There was some good news for internet friend (and one-time real life encounter) Polly of Pollyannacowgirl. Homegirl is the new ReadyMade Craft blogger. HUZZAH! She’s got excellent taste and I’m excited to follow along with her. Already, she spotted a calendar that would look so dapper up here in my craft loft. It’s a forever calendar by Claire Nereim. Whuzzywho? A forever calendar means that it’s just got month numbers and the California Wildflower that blooms every year at that time. Clever and beautiful, that’s a winning combination!

I wwwant that! alum updates:

  • While at the Renegade Craft Fair, I met Brenda of Phydeaux Designs! She was quite nice even though I was nervous to say hello! She’s busy with helping Haiti so if you’ve ever thought of purchasing one of her terrific cowls, DO IT NOW! (from I wwwant that! #10)
  • Helping Willotoons at Bazaar Bizarre, the booth was next to The Harbinger Co. Again I shyly said hello and even though I didn’t have any money on me at the time, I ended up receiving the Bamboo Cube  posts from the Mr! What a generous soul he is. (from I wwwant that! #2)
  • Finally, while spending some quality time inside the completely wwwantable Mission shop Gravel and Gold, I spotted MAKIT PLATE KITS! That’s right, kiddies! You can buy them online OR you can make the trip to this well-complied shop of treasures. (from I wwwant that! #1)
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