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Donuts of the Bay Area 2014 – I Made a Calendar!

Once upon a time I decided that I’d make a donut calendar for my first event. I painted the donuts, and readied them for printing. But then I ran out of time. Oh no!

And then I found the time. Until I didn’t have it any more. Six weeks of jury duty gobbled up my energy and the vision for this donut calendar grew dim.

But then I had time! And the end of the year, oh god, the end of the year was drawing nigh. Push, work, push, work, PRINT.

I am pleased to introduce you to my little enduring idea—the Donuts of the Bay Area 2014 Calendar.

If you love the donuts from San Francisco and Oakland, or just love pretty donuts, THIS IS FOR YOU! Or maybe for YOUR MOM! Or your BEST FRIEND!! Or at least tell them about it. Forward it, text it, Facebook it, or Tweet it. (Because you are awesome.)

Want to know what went into making a calendar? You got it. I’ll be sharing my experience in the coming weeks.

THANK YOU for your support, readers! Have a wonderful holiday.

Live local? You can pick up the calendar at Super7 in the Haight.

A Few Favorite Watercolor Donuts

I don’t share many of my watercolor donuts. Not sure why that is, especially since I started with donuts, so the not-sharing changes now. Here are some of my absolute favorite donut watercolors. I won’t sell the originals, but I’m working on prints right now.

This is the first glazed yeast donut that I ever really loved. And no, not the anemic top donut, just the bottom one.

And then a really fun old fashioned beneath an OK one.

And finally, a cruller and its shadow. And yeah, not 100% correct, but I enjoy it. This one is pretty new on the donut-creation timeline.

It seems strange that each of these donuts are brown, and not just a little—they are muy brown! Not a sprinkle in sight. Perhaps that’s why I like them so much. The other colors of the rainbow appear when you know where to look. They’re brown, but then again, not really.

(Would you like a donut of your own? Check my etsy store—April’s Magical Donut Galleria.)

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